From the Director of Planning and Organisation

Working and playing in a safe environment is of significant importance at St Catherine’s School. As a result, I find myself writing this article with a few important messages in mind.

When making sound choices to safeguard student and staff wellbeing, our School places a great emphasis on managing risk. Staff identify, analyse and assess risks relating to all aspects of our School programs. Our goal is to minimise, monitor and control risks to reduce the likelihood of incidents and accidents.

Our parents also play a significant role in this process.

Over the last few weeks, we have had feedback from students, parents and teachers in regards to unsafe driving around the School drop off areas. It is of concern when a student reports that cars are driving too quickly and without regard for pedestrians, or when staff on duty observe drivers doing U-turns in Heyington Place.

May I please remind all drivers that the speed zone around the school is 40km/h. Common sense during busy times should see drivers going even slower. I implore all drivers to please ensure they exercise patience and caution as the girls are entering and leaving the School grounds.

Double parking, overtaking stationary cars waiting to park, blocking neighbours’ driveways and pulling up immediately outside the Senior School gates is not only a traffic offence but extremely dangerous. Impairing the vision of the other vehicles and pedestrians is simply putting our students at risk.

Please support our request by recognising that you are in a school zone.

May I also take this opportunity to highlight policies when visiting the School grounds. All visitors are required to sign in at the Junior or Senior School Reception. Any parent assisting at the School, not wearing ID, will be directed to the respective reception area to sign in.

Ensuring risks are managed appropriately to ensure the safety of all members of the School community is of significant importance. By working together, we can all minimise risks.

Mrs Pauline van der Poel, Director of Planning and Organisation, Career Practitioner & VET Coordinator