Transitioning To School

Transitioning to School can be a daunting thought for parents. St Catherine’s School’s Head of Early Learning, Ms Sarah Bethune provides her top tips for transitioning to school in her article below.

Managing Transition

During this stage of Term 4, children are beginning to prepare for the next step in their educational journeys. For some children this means moving on to the next Year level, for others it means the commencement of Prep and potentially changing schools. For all of the children, there is some form of change ahead. This is both an exciting and uncertain time.

The Early Learning Centre has a range of orientation and transition programs in place to support and guide the children through this process. This involves opportunities for visiting their new classroom, meeting their new teachers and interacting with peers who will be in their class.

Educators engage in discussions with the children to prepare them for each step in this process. This is done in a calm and reassuring way, so the children have enough information about what is happening but do not become overwhelmed.

This is also a time of change for parents, as you support your child through this transition. There are many things you can do to support your child:

  • Role model positivity – this change is an opportunity for the children to learn new things and make new friends.
  • Answer questions honestly – children have many questions. It is important they are answered in an honest and reassuring manner without over-talking the subject and creating further worry.
  • Allow time to prepare – children feel secure in knowing what is happening ahead of time. Allocate time to prepare your child for their orientation sessions by reminding them where they will be going and what will be happening.
  • Be prepared – it may take some time for your child to adapt to the change. It is important to maintain consistent routines at home and provide your child with the time and emotional support that they need.

As we progress through the later stages of the term, parents and educators will support our ELC children to embrace the changes and look forward to exciting times ahead.

Ms Sarah Bethune

Head of Early Learning, St Catherine's School

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