The Senior Learning Model – Years 10 and 11 English Masterclasses at Work

The 2021 Independent Learning Tutorial program has provided the Year 11 English team the opportunity to work across classes in order to maximise student opportunities.

The challenge for us as a team is that we need to design an online learning experience that suits the whole Year Level cohort and acknowledges our individual teaching styles. We have taken these points into consideration together with the desire to cultivate independent learning within English and this has offered our team a chance to drill further into the skills that we are fostering in our students.

As such, we have designed our online programs to allow students to be flexible as to when they complete the modules, develop areas of focus at their own pace, and moving forward, can be refined to stay relevant to students’ needs.

Students have reported that the Masterclasses have been helpful with skills such as note taking and practicing concepts of writing paragraphs and essays. They have found the videos helpful for explaining assessment requirements and that they are a great support to their class work.

Our aims in the Masterclasses are to enable our students to gain proficiency in the vital skills necessary for study and work in their futures.

Mrs Lisa Gionfriddo

English Teacher

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