From our Barbreck Beaulieu Blair House Co-Captain – Ellie Rodski

How did you feel when you found out you had been elected as a House Captain?

When I was elected as one of the Beaulieu Blair House Captains, I felt butterflies flying around in my stomach. I felt so grateful that I had been elected for this amazing role.

Why did you choose to nominate for the position of House Captain?

I chose to elect myself because being one of Beaulieu Blair’s Captains would make me feel so proud and honoured. I think I am a very encouraging leader. I believe that no matter how fast or smart you are, all that matters is that you give it a go.

Why was it important to you to become a House Captain?

I know that since Prep I have always wanted to be a Captain, even when I was at a different school. My mum, grandma and great grandma were all in Beaulieu Blair and they were all so proud to hear that I got the role, so it meant so much to all of us.

Tell us some of the things you will be doing as a House Captain.

I will be making sure that the Years 4 to 5 girls have opportunities to get together more, so that in the future they know each other more.

What are you most looking forward to about being a House Captain?

I am looking forward to working with one of my close friends Arabella Foote as my Co-Captain. I am also extremely excited to be able to meet all of the Year 4 girls and other Beaulieu Blair students in other years. I want to encourage them to all do their best.

What would you like to achieve, in your role as a House Captain?

I want to be able to let girls know that they are all smart in their own way. I will help them believe in themselves.

Why are House activities important?

As much as I love competition and collecting House points, House activities are important because you get to interact with girls from other Year levels and see people trying their hardest.

What do you enjoy the most about being at St Catherine’s School?

St Catherine’s is such a safe and happy place. Although I have only been here since Year 3, since that day I have had amazing teachers, friends, and everyone is so loving and kind to one and other.

What does being a St Catherine’s girl mean to you?

If you do get the chance to be a St Catherine’s girl you are very lucky. It is an amazing school and you will get so many opportunities to thrive in life. You will meet amazing people and have so much fun. Overall being a St Catherine’s girl is a privilege.

Ellie Rodski

Junior School Beaulieu Blair, House Co-Captain

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