A Journey to Fine Form

Featured in St Catherine’s News, Spring Edition, 2022:

St Catherine’s Music community returned to the Melbourne Recital Centre for the first time since 2019 for our 2022 Gala Concert.

The Concert was a significant occasion, with a forward focus on gratefulness and celebration, under the theme Journeys.

With the support of our diligent and talented Music staff, 230 St Catherine’s students, from Years 3 to 12, rose to the occasion grasping the opportunity to perform in the warm and generous acoustic of Elisabeth Murdoch Hall.

Indeed, the theme for the evening was apt, with the focus on journeys allowing students to relate this directly to their performances. The connections with St Catherine’s Values of Empathy, Perseverance, Gratitude, Curiosity and Integrity were on display as the audience were led through a musical journey by our Senior School and Junior School Music Captains – Catherine Chen (Instrumental), Charlotte Myer (Choral), Liana Lam and Annika Gill.

In this way, the learning, and the journey, is the most important part of our students’ development.

Opportunities such as the Gala Concert provide the students with the perfect pathway to share experiences that will define how they are to become bold and inspirational young people. This includes the strength required to take positive risks, the resilience needed to deal with mistakes no matter how big, and the courage to get up and do it all over again. These dispositions are our focus at St Catherine’s.

There are so many staff and students to be thanked for the integral roles they played in making the Gala Concert a success; in particular, the St Catherine’s School Leadership Team for their support, Mr Saska Ayris, Head of Music Operations and Mr James Brown, Head of Performing Arts. Whilst the staff play a huge role in guiding our students, ultimately it is our students who are responsible for the evening. It was a pleasure and a privilege working alongside them.


Ms Nick Grunden

Head of Music

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