Mr Mike Zammit
Mr Mike Zammit

M.Sc, B.Ec, CPA

Director of Business, Mr Mike Zammit is responsible for managing the financial, property and people resources which underpin the educational needs of St Catherine’s School.

What does the role of Director of Business involve?

I am responsible for managing the Finance, Information Technology, Property and Human Resource functions of the School. My key focus is to ensure the School is appropriately supported to deliver its core business – the education of students. This is achieved through the continual review and enhancement of our teaching and learning spaces, the provision of leading edge technology and over the longer term, continuing to secure the School’s financial sustainability.

What aspects of your role do you find the most enjoyable?

Developing a quality, customer focussed team has always been one of the more engaging aspects of my role. Since moving into the education sector 12 years ago I have also enjoyed the fact that I am part of something that matters, the education of children. I have also found building projects and opportunities to improve students facilities to be extremely satisfying as well.

What appealed to you about working at St Catherine’s?

I have a personal connection with St Catherine’s as my goddaughter attended the School.  I have fond memories of attending Special Friends’ Days when she was in her Junior years. It is also a wonderful opportunity to work at a School with such a strong vision for education.

What is your most memorable moment working within the education environment?

Certainly the development of better learning spaces for our students is hard to beat. I have been fortunate to have worked on a number of such projects over my time in the sector and the satisfaction I receive knowing I was part of a team that delivered a quality outcome for students is very memorable. The response from students when they first enter a new or refurbished building, or a newly designed play space is very rewarding.

What keeps you busy outside of St Catherine’s?

I am a passionate North Melbourne supporter, I also enjoy riding my Triumph Bonneville motorbike (in nice weather) and I am a keen scuba diver (in warm climates).  I do enjoy travelling around Europe, particularly Malta, where I am originally from. I am also the lucky ‘dad’ of two gorgeous girls, Amy, a 15 year old tortoise shell cat, and Maddy a one year old tabby.