VET and Enhancement Classes

VET and Enhancement Classes

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

St Catherine's offers Senior students the opportunity to take a VET subject as part of their VCE program. The subjects combine general VCE studies with vocational training and hands-on workplace experience, and a few of the programs offered include Hospitality, Dance, Digital Media and Applied Fashion.

On completion of their subjects, many of the girls undertaking a VET subject may have discovered new vocational pathways for tertiary study.

There is much evidence to suggest that high achieving academic students who undertake VET courses benefit both practically and in their overall ENTER score.

All students and families are welcome to contact the Careers Advisor for more information on VET subjects and for careers advice. Extra costs do apply.

School Based Traineeships

St Catherine’s also offers School Based Traineeships to girls. These programs enable girls to gain a vocational qualification and employment while completing the VCE.

Enhancement Classes

St Catherine's students are also given the opportunity to study subjects at University level. Students apply directly to their institution of choice and the School supports the students throughout their application and interview process.

In the past, students have completed an Enhancement subject at either the University of Melbourne or Monash University.  Extra costs do apply, and to be eligible for application, students are generally required to have successfully completed a Units 3 & 4 subject in Year 11, with a Study Score of above 40.