Her Honour Judge Jane Campton
Her Honour Judge Jane Campton


Jane Campton (’70) was one of a family of six girls who all attended St Catherine’s School. Her ambition at School was to be a journalist and to write a deep and meaningful novel. Life, however, had other plans for Jane.

She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1975 and practised as a barrister before being appointed as a County Court Judge in 2002.
In between, she lived in Switzerland and London for a period and worked for the High Commission
for Refugees and the World Health Organisation. In addition, Jane is an accredited Mediator, a member of the Victorian Women Lawyers’ Association and has been awarded a Victorian Supreme Court Prize in Law of Contract.

Jane is married with two daughters and enjoys travelling and skiing. She is passionate about the environment and appreciates wine and Indigenous Art.

Updated January 2016