Oldest Old Girl Provides a Living History

St Catherine’s oldest Old Girl, Mrs Irene Pollard (Crooke ’29) with granddaughter Mrs Louisa Woodward (Payne ’01), her daughter Grace, St Catherine’s Community Service Captains Emily Kent and Madeleine Leggo and SCOGA President, Mrs Chrissy Ryan (Graham ’79).

Recently, St Catherine’s Old Girls’ Association (SCOGA) President, Mrs Chrissy Ryan (Graham ’79) along with St Catherine’s Community Service Captains, Year 12 students Emily Kent and Madeleine Leggo and Ms Meredith Taylor (’79) spent time with St Catherine’s oldest Old Girl, Mrs Irene Pollard (Crooke ’29).


Mrs Pollard shared stories of her time at St Catherine’s, of her boarding days in Sherren House and being taught by Miss Langley and Miss Templeton.

“Her recollections made us feel that we had opened a history book of our School and we were all transported back in time. We could have stayed there, hearing the stories for days,” Chrissy explains. “Our world has changed so much over the years, but the time spent with Mrs Pollard reminded me of one thing; my pride of being a St Catherine’s girl. Mrs Pollard is an elegant, extraordinary woman who has seen many things in her time, and her days at St Catherine’s are fond, vivid, and need to be heard. Irene is a truly remarkable woman and it was lovely to see her face beam as she spoke to our Captains, commenting on their beautiful uniforms.”

As well as spending time with Mrs Pollard, our School representatives were also able to reunite with Mrs Pollard’s granddaughter, also a St Catherine’s alumnae, Mrs Louisa Woodward (Payne ’01) and her newborn daughter, Irene’s great granddaughter, Grace.



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