Learning About The World Around Us

What food can you grow in your garden?

As an extension of our programs in the Early Learning Centre, we often invite ‘experts’ to come in and share their knowledge and experience with the children. It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to hear another perspective, ask questions and clarify their thinking. It also provides an opportunity for the children to build links with experts who are resources within our local community and learn more about the world around us.

Recently, the children in the Waratah and Blue Gum Rooms participated in an incursion titled ‘Edible Seed Planting’ with Natasha Grogan, an Educator from the City of Stonnington’s Green Schools Program.

The incursion stimulated a sense of excitement and wonder by encouraging the children to grow food that is healthy and sustainable. During the session the children learnt about gardening through stories, songs and rhymes and a series of body movements. The children also planted an edible seed which they have taken home to nurture.

This rich, hands-on learning opportunity provided the children with the opportunity to learn more about seeds, plants and growth. We plan to utilise this experience as a springboard to extend learning in our classroom programs over the coming weeks.

Ms Sarah Bethune

ELC Coordinator

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