Going Beyond – Sidonie Bird de la Coeur

With a desire to work in the film industry, Year 12 graduate Sidonie Bird de la Coeur is now planning on studying Arts at the University of Melbourne with a major in screenwriting.

“I’m interested in going into the film industry so in five years’ time I would love to say I am making movies,” Sidonie said.

Year 12 graduate Sidonie Bird de la Coeur

Commencing at St Catherine’s in Year 7, Sidonie says the friendly and dynamic nature of the teachers at School has really helped her reach her goals, “the familiarity that all the students have with our teachers makes it so easy to consult them and talk through all of our questions.”

“The teachers taught me to say yes to opportunities when they arise. St Catherine’s is a small school and as a result, you can participate in all fields. I always felt like I could try everything without worrying about whether I was good enough.”

Along with the confidence to challenge herself, Sidonie believes St Catherine’s also provided her with the opportunity of a lifetime when she lived in France at the end of Year 11 as part of the exchange program.

“I have been lucky enough to go on several School trips and exchanges, the most notable was living with a French family and attending school in Paris. This was a major highlight.”

Sidonie’s advice for future Year 12 girls is to ensure they have a balance of study and social events during Year 12.

“Go out of your way to give yourself something to look forward to each week. I stayed in various School orchestras and bands this year, as well as being part of a band outside of School. Those routine social events were some of the things that got me through Year 12. However, you should also stay focused on your schoolwork and remember that it is okay to say no to extracurricular demands if it is going to impact on your work.”

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