Going Beyond – Chloe Page

“During my time at St Catherine’s I have learnt how to live by a set of values and uphold them in any given circumstance. I have developed a strong self-belief and learnt to stay true to my own principles, whilst also having the open-mindedness to consider new ideas and respect the opinions of others,” explains Year 12 student, Chloe Page.

2017 Year 12 graduate, Chloe Page

“St Catherine’s and my teachers have taught me to push my boundaries in all aspects of life. They have helped me become more resilient and to keep striving if I don’t succeed the first time. Through their support and feedback, I have set some very ambitious goals, some of which I have already achieved.”

As well as taking on the leadership position of Sports Captain in 2017, Chloe has also made some significant achievements in her studies, with her design work making the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authorities (VCAA) Top Design’s shortlist.

Chloe created an infographic and branding work for client Meraki, a store who supports micro-financing for African communities. Using a range of hand-made techniques, this beautiful work is an excellent example of how design is used to visually communicate ideas to an audience.

With plans to study a Bachelor of Design at the University of Melbourne, Chloe is looking forward to expanding her design skills and techniques over the coming years and would love to eventually open her own design business.

Looking back on her six years as a student at St Catherine’s Chloe believes a highlight was the trip to the Fijian Highlands, “the time I spent in the Highlands, immersed in the wonderful culture of Fiji, was inspiring and eye-opening. I gained so much insight into what is truly important, it provided me with a greater perspective of the world around me.”

For Chloe, the greatest highlight, however, has been her 2017 cohort, “the consistent support and care we all provided each other founded such close connections amongst our Year group, and I know it is this camaraderie that not only helped us through the year but will help us in the years ahead.”

When asked what advice she could provide to the 2018 Year 12 cohort, Chloe commented the most important things to remember are; to enjoy what you are doing, go into each day with goals, stay organised, don’t compare yourself to others and keep a balanced lifestyle.

“If you approach Year 12 in the right way and with the right mindset, it will be your best year yet,” Chloe explains.

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