Class of 2019 – Sophie Ying

Sophie Ying plans to undertake actuarial studies at the University of Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Commence.

In the future, Sophie hopes to have undertaken Master studies possibly overseas in England to deepen her knowledge, combining her studies with some actual work experience to obtain work ready skills.

“I still hope to catch up with my friends from St Catherine’s School.”

Sophie commenced at St Catherine’s in 2016 and particularly enjoyed the opportunity to be the Cultural Diversity Captain.

There have been many highlights for Sophie over her school years, including “gala concerts, drama performances as well as the mathematic competitions.”

Sophie has learnt many life lessons from her time at St Catherine’s.

“School is not only a place for us to learn knowledge, but also a great place for us to shape ourselves. Participating in clubs helps to learn various skills and meet friends. Be curious, empathic and passionate. And everything is useful and helpful.”

The support of the teachers at St Catherine’s and their preparation has been instrumental in helping Sophie achieve her goals. “They know my goal when I start learning. They know what I like and what I am good at. Their well-preparation gives me heaps of confidence to face every single step in my life.”

Sophie offers the following advice to the Class of 2020: “Do not stress about the study, and balance the study and social life. Ask teachers if you have any questions and ask for extra work if you need, as they are very happy to help you.”

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