Photographic award to Year 9 St Catherine’s media student

An article from Education HQ, published 18 November 2015:

Congratulations to St Catherine’s School Year 9 student Georgia Macaw who was awarded a Highly Commended prize by the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The Screenshot photographic competition runs in conjunction with an exhibition of the Australian artist Rosemary Laing whose work considers movement, place and space.

The gallery asked students to submit work based on any of these themes. Georgia’s photographic image is part of a folio of three images she submitted for a School assessment task which asked students to consider light source, camera angles and a considered theme.

Georgia worked hard; using design processes, underwater camera techniques and seeking feedback to achieve an inspiring image titled Walking on Water.

St Catherine’s School head of arts, Brigid Weereratne attended the presentation with Georgia at the Art Gallery of New South Wales and congratulated her on this wonderful achievement, “Georgia was the first interstate award winner to attend this ceremony with five other winners from NSW. The award attracted over 180 submissions and we are very proud of Georgia and this acknowledgement of what she learnt in her Media class”.

Georgia’s teacher, Julia West, encouraged Georgia to enter her photography into the Screenshot Competition, believing Georgia’s image of her sister, appearing to walk in water, fulfilled the criteria for the prestigious Award.

Georgia’s work is featured on the NSW Gallery’s website.

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