​Mr Adrian Puckering
​Mr Adrian Puckering

MSc (NU), MEd (USQ), DipEd (ACU), BA(Hons) (EAU)

Ensuring that the St Catherine’s School curriculum and its programs are contemporary, challenging and relevant is Mr Adrian Puckering, Director of Curriculum Development and Innovation. With a passion for a creative, analytical, experiential learning culture, Adrian ensures St Catherine’s is at the forefront of learning practices.

What does your role of Director of Curriculum Development and Innovation entail?

My role is essentially about leading the curriculum and academic programs throughout the School. I work very closely with Faculty Leaders, Deans and Heads of School in ensuring the most effective continuity of learning, the monitoring of student progress and ensuring that academic programs are contemporary, challenging and relevant. A key element of the role is in fostering conditions whereby curriculum innovation (next practice) is embedded in practice and prevails throughout all learning areas.

Tell us about your academic or professional background

At University I first studied Civil Engineering, eventually gaining a Master of Science in Transport Engineering (basically; building tunnels!). I hold a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Economics and History) and I have a Master of Education (Curriculum Leadership). Professionally, I have held Deputy Principal roles in two Melbourne Catholic colleges, curriculum roles in independent schools and I was Associate Director of Learning and Teaching at Monash College, Monash University.

What do you really like about St Catherine’s?

I really like the energy and diversity which surrounds all learning opportunities. The engagement of students in their studies is palpable and this is matched by the staff’s openness and capacity in fostering rich learning and teaching environments. Together, a learning culture exists that ensures students are creative in their thinking, critical in their analysis and holistic in their experiences.

How do you ensure that St Catherine’s is able to offer a range of different subjects to its students?

A key part of my role is ensuring that curriculum offerings match the needs and interests of all students. Fortunately, I work with a great team of experienced educators who are adept at managing curriculum offerings, always thinking ahead and using ‘old ways’ of learning in new ways. Curriculum choices do not remain static – and that is what’s so exciting.

What are your interests outside of School?

I enjoy travelling, I enjoy learning and I enjoy experiencing great food at new restaurants with old, and new, friends!