Mrs Janette Matt
Mrs Janette Matt

BSc(Hons)DipED MSc Monash


Janette Matt’s lifelong passion for Mathematics commenced when she studied Mathematics at University, gaining first class honours and completing a Master’s Thesis on the “Bellman Harris Age Dependent Branching Process”, the branch of Mathematics that models the growth of cells in the human body. After many years in the academic environment of Monash University running tutorials and lectures, Janette went into the business world and worked as a Mathematician in the oil industry. During her time there, she worked in Marketing, Corporate Planning and Strategy using Mathematics to minimise distribution costs and in Econometric modelling.

She started teaching after having her children building on her previous experience at the University where she developed a desire to help others see the beauty of Mathematics.

With experience as a Team Leader marking the Higher Level International Baccalaureate examinations, a VCAA assessor for Specialist Mathematics and currently the Assistant Chief Assessor for VCAA Specialist Mathematics Exam 2 she adds a wealth of knowledge to St Catherine’s School.

“The most satisfying part of teaching Mathematics is to see the girls at the ‘Aha’ moment. That instant when Mathematics starts to make sense and they truly appreciate the subject. “This is one of the things that gratifies Janette’s teaching career.