The Children’s Reflections on Their Recent Farm Visit

The children in the Waratah and Blue Gum Rooms ventured to the Collingwood Children’s Farm on 1 November to further explore their learning on animals and farm life.

As a way of gaining an understanding of the children’s learning and the shift in their thinking, we draw on comparisons between their prior knowledge gathered before an event, and their reflections after the event. In this instance, we asked the children a series of questions, and invited them to draw a picture of something they saw or something they learnt when we visited the Collingwood Children’s Farm. As always, their observations and insights were thoughtful and considered. The detail in their drawings at this time of year is a joy to celebrate with them.

Below are some of the children’s reflections on the excursion.

“We went on a big, big fancy bus. I sat next to Arya. I saw houses and people holding ice creams.” – Ava.

“I loved feeding the sheep because it tickled.” – Matea.

“I saw a daddy peacock on the ground and one on the roof at the start of the farm. He showed us his beautiful feathers.” – Camilla.

“I saw some pigs. They were all black. The mummy was big and the babies were small. The babies were drinking milk from the mummy’s tummy. They lived in the mud.” – Clinton.

“I saw just one cow. I patted the cow. It was soft. It was eating all day. It eats grass and it drinks water.” – Oscar.


Ms Claire de Crespigny, Waratah Room Teacher