Every Story Has an End But in Life Every End is A New Beginning

It has been a busy time in the Boarding House. As our Year 12 boarders commenced Term 4 at Illawarra, they were already planning for their life after school. By the end of Term 3, they had submitted their preferences for tertiary study or planned their gap year.

Our farewell celebrations have commenced in the Boarding House. The highlight of the farewell celebrations is the Year 12 Boarders’ Dinner which is held on the evening that the girls finish their formal schooling. Parents and family members are invited to attend and this year we were thrilled to welcome not only local families but also one of our families from China. Our new Boarding Captains Flynn O’Brien and Stella Liu organised a coffee mug signed by all of the boarders. In addition, the annual video was produced where the boarders have the opportunity to provide a special farewell message for the departing boarders. The final part of the evening is an individual speech for each boarder and a gift from Illawarra. It is on nights such as this that the true values of boarding are apparent and all the girls feel included and involved.

As the Year 12 boarders completed their final examinations, the rest of Illawarra has also been busy. The Year 9 to 11 boarders have been studying for their final examinations and the Year 7 and 8 students have continued with their normal academic program.

A number of 2019 boarders have spent a night at Illawarra and had the opportunity to meet other girls and to experience life in the Boarding House.

In the final weeks of Term 4, the boarders are looking forward to learning more about their 2019 studies, attending Speech Night, being a part of the House Arts program and celebrating Christmas at Illawarra. The highlight of our annual Christmas evening is the exchange of small gifts and the rousing Illawarra rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

As we approach the end of the school year, our boarders are looking forward to returning home and spending their holidays with their families.

We look forward to welcoming everyone, and our new boarding families, back to Illawarra in 2019.

Ms Sue Collister, Director of Boarding Services