Fundraising for the Drought Relief Appeal

The Barbreck students continue to speak about the extremely happy and purposeful day we all enjoyed on Friday 9 November when we raised funds for the Drought Relief Appeal.

Raising the funds was very important to us but raising awareness about the plight of the Australian farmers and their ongoing need for assistance is even more important. Students are still discussing the savage ways in which the Australian farming properties are affected by the ongoing drought conditions.

Sincere thanks to the Baked Potato Express who were engaged to cook and serve the delicious hot potato lunch for our special ‘Farm Style’ day. A donation of 50 cents per serving has been donated to the Drought Relief Fund.

Barbreck Music Concert

We are all looking forward to the Annual Barbreck Music Concert to be held on Thursday 29 November at 6.00pm in the Dorothy Pizzey Centre. All audience members and students are asked to arrive by 5.45pm in order to be seated for a prompt 6.00pm commencement. Summer uniform is to be worn by all students and they are all requested to take pride in their performance appearance with well groomed hair, ribbons and polished shoes.

It will be a wonderful evening of music and a showcase of the many talents and skills evident in the Junior School. All year levels will perform and we will all watch with pride.

Year 6 Celebration

Date: Thursday 6 December
Time: 5.00pm-8.15pm
Venue: Mary Davis Centre

Preparations are well underway towards an opportunity to formally farewell the Year 6 students of 2018 as they prepare to move into the next chapter of their schooling and transition to the Senior School in 2019.

The Year 6 Celebration is always a very important date in the Barbreck calendar. It is an occasion which we look forward to enjoying with the girls and their parents.

From an organisational point of view, please note that the students will be inviting their parents and in the case of some, step-parents as well. Siblings and other family members do not attend this particular function.

Families are asked to note that the commencement time of the evening is 5.00pm sharp.

Refreshments and finger food are served for adults. The students will enjoy a celebratory meal in each other’s company. Students wear summer uniform on this evening. Students remain at school to finalise preparations from 3.30pm. They may bring a clean uniform to wear for the evening if they wish.

Parents are asked to chat to your daughter about her plans for the special ‘collections’ each student will bring to showcase from 5.00pm.

Commencing at 5.00pm is an opportunity to join the students and staff in front of Sherren House. Students will showcase their special collections and explain the significance to all in attendance.

We will then move into the Mary Davis Centre to enjoy food and beverages together. At the conclusion of this time, we will move to the Barbreck Auditorium and take an opportunity to introduce and celebrate each Year 6 student of 2018.

Public Speaking Competition 2018

Once again the Public Speaking Competition, held on Tuesday 13 November, for Barbreck students in Years 3 to 6 was a fine example of the increased confidence and oral delivery of presentations by so many students.

Whilst staff only have the opportunity to select two representatives per class to enter into the competition, each teacher emphasised how difficult the choice had been! So many students were well rehearsed, earnest, competent and engaging.

After much deliberation, the following students were selected as finalists and emergencies:

Year 3

  • Chloe Handbury
  • Olivia Grasso
  • Pernilla Coleman
  • Polly Moir

Emergencies: Alexa Sowerby and Olivia Barr

Year 4

  • Kaia Belan
  • Ava Ward
  • Kaixuan (Isabelle) Cao
  • Harper Roberts

Emergencies: Emma Peele and Imogen Begley

Year 5

  • Lucy McAllister
  • Anna (Xiuq) Wang
  • Audrey Doan
  • Chloe Barber
  • Sophie Farrer
  • Elisa Wang

Emergencies: Chloe Favaloro, Arabella Richardson and Portia Gowrie

Year 6

  • Rhea Werner
  • Brooke Sharman
  • Millie McIntosh
  • Louisa Burney

Emergencies: Zara Shelmerdine

Places awarded on the day are listed below. Congratulations to the following girls:

  • Chloe Handbury
  • Kaixuan (Isabelle) Cao
  • Audrey Doan
  • Brooke Sharman

Endeavour and encouragement awards were awarded to Elisa Wang and Sophie Farrer.

End of Semester Reports

Increasingly, improvements in our digital technology is enabling St Catherine’s to deliver more academic information efficiently to parents via electronic means. For several years, St Catherine’s has provided all parents with the option to access their daughter’s Academic Report via the mystcatherine’s Parent Portal in a printable version.

From this semester onwards, Junior School Reports will be available in electronic form only. This was trialled very successfully in the Senior School for Semester 1 Reports, and the Junior School will be aligning with this process for the End of Semester 2 Reports onwards. As in previous years, parents will be emailed when the End of Semester Report is available, and instructions for how to access the reports via the Parent Portal will be included.

The School appreciates some of our families may still require a printed copy; this can be arranged upon request at the School Reception once reports have been posted on the Portal.

If you have any queries relating to how to access the End of Semester Reports or to receive a reminder of your Parent Login details to the Portal, please contact the St Catherine’s IT Department.

Ms Catherine Samuel, Deputy Head of Junior School
Heide Museum

“On Friday 2 November, Year 2 went to Heide Museum to learn about an artist named Mirka Mora. What I found most interesting was the hybrid technique that she used. The hybrid technique is putting together different combinations of animals and people. We made some ourselves and we were able to take them home. I would like to do this excursion again! Maybe another day!” – India Vasilopoulos.

“On Friday 2 November, Year 2 went on an excursion to Heide Museum. We went to learn about Mirka Mora – an artist. She had a rough childhood because there was a war in Paris and she had to leave. She was Jewish. Some of the Jewish people were transported to Australia. When she arrived, she made friends with Sunday Reed. Mirka made dolls and paintings. Mirka died this year when she was about to turn 90. For her 90th birthday, Heide Museum organised an art exhibition attributed to her called ‘Pas de Deux’. My favourite part was when our guide told us about one of her dolls named Napoleon. Napoleon saved her life. Here is how the story goes. One ordinary night, Mirka went to bed and when she was dreaming, Napoleon shouted, “Wake up! Wake up!” He said it over and over again. Finally she woke up and discovered she had left the heater on and it was causing a fire. She quickly put it out.

I really enjoyed the excursion to Heide Museum and I learnt a lot.” – Annika Gill.