Thank You from the PFA President

It has been my pleasure to give back to our School community this year as the President of the PFA. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge the year has brought and have been graced with a wonderful Committee of hard working peers who have helped me to achieve my goals. I want to thank the School community for supporting the PFA by attending the events we have worked to provide and by embracing the Second Hand Uniform Store.

I wish to acknowledge Mrs Lisa James who has worked tirelessly to make the Second Hand Clothing Store such a huge success and Mrs Susie Farrer for providing her expert legal council and many hours of advice to ensure our new PFA Governance document was completed and ready to implement by this years AGM.

Thank you to the Vice Presidents, Mrs Susie Farrer and Mrs Jenny Stern, Treasurer Mrs Erica Gill, Secretary Mrs Samantha Wood and Class Rep Co-Coordinators Mrs Ann McAllister and Mrs Lara Stocco. I would like to acknowledge Mrs Sherrie Zeng who has done an amazing job with our international families, and General Members, Mrs Angelina Barber, Mrs Amanda Thompson, Mrs Danielle Podolak, Mrs Michelle Wang and Mrs Joanne Livanidis.

A very special thank you to Ms Meredith Taylor, who has answered my every question and did her best to meet every request.

Finally, I wish to express my gratitude to our hardworking and diligent team of Class Representatives. The School’s success at providing a warm, welcoming and friendly environment relies on the dedication of these people. It is a most important task and only with the organisation and dedication of great Class Representatives can the Committee meet its primary friendraising aim.

I wish all members of our community a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.

Mrs Nicole Begley, President, St Catherine's Parents' and Friends' Association