Royal Australian Chemical Institute Titration Competition

When most VCE students returned home after the GAT, a group of Year 12 Chemists participated in the Royal Australian Chemical Institute Titration Competition. Students were allocated 90 minutes to determine the concentration of ethanoic acid, commonly known as vinegar for a new range of products being developed by the Vinegar and Sauce Company. Each student worked individually and the results of the team were collated and calculations completed. Despite their frustration, two of the five teams progressed to the National Competition. One team was a woman down but managed to secure 13th place out of the top 35 teams with a difference of 0.04mL from the first place team. The students participated in the National Competition in October and both teams received a Silver medal. Congratulations to Lydia He (Year 12), Demetria Avdalis (Year 12), Jessica Walsh (Year 12), Alexandra Garrett (Year 12) and Cluny Gilmour (Year 12).

Australian National Chemistry Quiz

In August, science students participated in the R.A.C.I. Australian National Chemistry Quiz. The Quiz attracted entries from schools in Australia, Asia, England, Canada and Switzerland. The aims of the Quiz are to promote and encourage an awareness of the nature and relevance of chemistry amongst secondary school students. All VCE chemistry and interested Year 10 students participated in the quiz. Congratulations to the following students for an outstanding effort:

Year 10 Candidates

Olivia Soong received a High Distinction; Gabriella Tymms and Yuwei (Sophie) Ying received a Distinction; and Annelise Cody, Harriette Dryden, Lucy Gray, Jing Lan (Michele) Heng, Kavina Kalaichelvam, Phoebe Keilar and Yu (Monica) Mao received a Credit.

Year 11 Candidates

Qiling (Sherry) Xu received a High Distinction; Annabel Joubert, Yuan (Isabella) Fang and Rui Shu (Maria) Wu received a Distinction; Allyson Alblas, Lucy Porter, Caroline Sawers, Charlotte Sinclair and Yi Lian (Rachel) Tan received a Credit.

Year 12 Candidates

Ingrid Crossing a High Distinction; Lydia He and Man In (Rachel) Ung received a Distinction and Lucy Church, Sophie Sitch, Georgie Sitch and Fuming (Maggie) Yang received a Credit.

High Distinction – The top 10% of students in the state. Distinction – 10%-25% of students in the state. Credit – The top 25%-40% of students in the state.

Chemistry Olympiad Examination

In August this year over 5000 students registered for the Australian Science Olympiad Examinations in Biology, Earth and Environmental Science, Chemistry and Physics. Designed to challenge top performers, students from schools across Australia registered to sit the two hour examination. These challenging are the first stage of the selection process for the Australian teams competing at the International Science Olympiads.

The competition is coordinated by Australian Science Innovations, a not-for-profit organisation that runs the Big Science Competition and the Australian Science Olympiad Competition to encourage students to study science and consider science as a career.

Congratulations to Demi Markakis (Year 11) who received a Credit certificate, placing her in the top 30%.

Education Perfect Science Championships

During August, four Year 7 students were tested on all elements of Science from the Australian curriculum. They gained points for answering questions and as they reached certain thresholds they earned certificates.

Congratulations to Emma Turner and Lara Thorn who both received a Credit placing them in the top 20% and India Marner and Emma Froomes who both received a Bronze placing them in the top 10%.

Science Talent Search

Year 7 Science Honours Students participated in the Science Talent Search under the supervision of Ms Megan Vu. Congratulations to the following students: Penelope Glenning, Junior Invention, received a Merit; Ciara Jenkins, Junior Creative Writing, received a Distinction; and Angela Yu, Junior Creative Writing, and Clarence Houle-O’Connor, Junior Science Photography, both received a Minor Bursary presented at La Trobe University.

Mrs Vanessa Jackson-McRae, Head of Science