Alliance Française Success

The results are in for all sections of the annual Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette Competition. More than 12,000 students participate in this State-wide competition, which celebrates French language and culture. Many students gained honours and 12 students were finalists.


  • Year 7: Jariyan Patel, Penelope Glenning, Ella Jakobovits, Eloise Rudge, Emilia Searby, Sacha Hanegbi, Cassandra Lie, Olivia Cunningham, Ciara Jenkins, Lan-Tian Yen-West and Lara Thorn (poetry)
  • Year 8: Georgina Vote, Chenru (Helen) Wang, Allison Duong, Natalia Oberoi-Kearney (poetry)
  • Year 9: Sophie Garrett and Indiana Wilde (poetry)
  • Year 11: Isabel Gray and Rui Shu (Maria) Wu (written exam)
  • Year 12: Sophie Seng Hpa (oral exam)

Brilliant: Those students who were judged <brilliants> advanced to the State finals. The following twelve students represented the School in the finals:

  • Year 6: Ava Colosimo, Emma Gregory, Audrey Kyriakou, Charlotte Rodgers (poetry)
  • Year 7: Emma Froomes, Charlotte Myer, Sarah Pratt, Angela Yu (poetry)
  • Year 8: Clementine Newton-Brown, Molly Robertson (poetry)
  • Year 11: Rui Shu (Maria) Wu (oral exam)
  • Year 12: Georgie Sitch (oral exam)
Japan Tour off and Running

Last night, eleven girls and their parents attended the final meeting for the 2017 Japan Study Tour which departs on the 7 December. Apart from the practical details of a 6.30 am departure, Ms Kanako Yokouchi and Ms Asuko Okumura discussed the ways in which a Culture Tour differs from a family holiday in providing opportunities for linguistic and cultural engagement. We learned the importance of respect for others on the crowded Bullet trains. They also stressed the importance of having the courage to speak in Japanese at every possible opportunity. We wish the students a successful trip and warmly thank the accompanying Staff members for their generosity.

The Thing that Made My Year

As the end of the Year approaches the teachers of Languages posed this question to our students. It’s an interesting insight as to what they gain from their language learning. Here is a selection of students’ responses.

Year 7 students:

“I was invited by a group of International Club members to their annual barbeque. This was because I often try to speak to them in Chinese and show them the new sentence structures I have learned in class.”

“I went to France last year and my Dad and I walked into a French newsagency. My Dad asked me to talk to the owner to ask him where the car magazines were. So I talked to them in French and he found the car magazine for my Dad. I thought it was pretty cool.”

Year 10 students:

“I don’t know when I started loving languages as I do, and I love to push myself and learn more. At home I continue learning and challenging myself by reading French books and French TV shows. It’s especially rewarding when I can actually understand the text.”

Year 11 students:

“I hosted a Japanese exchange sister, which was really rewarding, as I had the chance to make a lasting friendship with someone using my Japanese skills.”

“It’s interesting and refreshing to learn a new language. You get to view the world from a different perspective and culture. You extend your connections and friendships beyond the countries of your Mother Tongue.”

Year 12 students:

“I have come to see my language as more than just a school subject, but as a gift and skill I will carry with me all my life.”


Ms Anna Pianezze, Head of Languages