Information Evening 2018

Thank you to the parents who attended the recent Information Evening for children entering the 3YO and 4YO Programs.

On the evening, teachers in each room and program carefully outlined the educational approach in Campbell House which inspires so many young learners.

I would particularly like to thank all staff involved in the organisation and delivery of the session. We eagerly look forward to further opportunities in 2018 to outline the various ways in which the Reggio Emilia approach contributes to success for children in achieving the five outcomes required by Early Learning Framework. Through programs, activities, dialogue and approach, the work in Campbell House will reflect the desire to build upon children’s natural gifts such as curiosity, imagination, discovery, wonder and questioning. Both a strong desire and opportunity to learn, wonder and drive to investigate the world around them is our ultimate objective.

The following quote captures the importance of generosity.

“Whoever retains the natural curiosity of childhood is never bored nor dull.” – anonymous

Albert Einstein said:

“The most important thing is to never stop questioning.”

Transition Statements

At the conclusion of a child’s 4YO Kindergarten/Early Learning Centre journey, parents of children entering their first year of school are provided with a ‘Transition Statement’ designed to assist parents and school teachers to facilitate a smooth transition into primary schooling. The statement includes information about learning and progress in each of the five following learning and development areas which broadly speaking can be listed as:

  • Identity
  • Community
  • Wellbeing
  • Learning
  • Communication

Each child’s family is provided with a copy at the end of the 4YO program year. A copy is also sent to the Prep teacher (2018) unless parents inform ELC staff they do not wish this to occur.

In providing the statement to schools, parents and school personnel partner together to support the continuity of learning.

The teachers in the Wattle and Banksia Rooms are currently very busy writing the Transition statements and we look forward to parents receiving the well-crafted descriptions of your competent, capable, curious young learners. Each unique individual, with different interests and strengths, but all so well known and understood by our highly observant staff.

In advance, we thank Ms Fiona Barker, Mrs Penny Campbell and Miss Kristina Schrader for the diligence and care with which they craft the vision of each student.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck

It is that wonderful time of year when all of the children’s learning development comes together and is celebrated. The children in Blue Gum Room are currently immersed in preparations for their end of year concert and celebration. They have been involved in all aspects of the production from developing and debating ideas to designing props and costumes, rehearsing songs and creating the invitation for their families. This whole group project provides opportunities for the children to participate in various ways. Some children have assisted with the design of the invitation. Other children have worked on designing the set which will form a seascape. They have also created props such as seaweed and waves. The children are currently working on their own costumes. It truly has been a collaborative process. As time draws closer to concert day, the children’s excitement is building. They cannot wait to share their work with their families on the stage. The children’s end-of-year concert is not only a celebration on that particular day however also a reflection of the children’s learning and development throughout the entire year in Blue Gum Room.

Ms Sarah Bethune, 3YO Blue Gum Room Teacher
Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Junior School