This term is already proving to be very busy and productive as the girls immerse themselves in the many offerings of the wider School program.

In this edition of The Blue Ribbon, I would like to outline the success of the Year 8 girls throughout the last semester.

In Term 3, highlights included the Gala Concert where many of the Year 8 girls performed in a range of musical groups. These included, the Sherren Singers, Vocal Mania, Years 7 & 8 Concert Band, Jorgensen Orchestra and Combined Flute Ensemble.

The girls have also enjoyed GSV Sport, with many girls participating in Badminton and Basketball, as well as a large number of girls participating in early morning Boot Camp and the Learning to Row program. Snowsports was a particular sporting highlight where we had many girls dedicate their time to showcase their talents on the slopes. We congratulate Amelia Jones who was awarded by Ski and Snowboard Australia 1st place in U16 girls, placing her number one female on the National Children’s Squad. We had much success in the GSV Athletics finals with Elodie Ferrali attaining an impressive time of 62.88, claiming the silver medal in the Year 8 400m. Congratulations to all of the girls for their dedication and commitment to athletics training.

Other co-curricular successes have been the Tournament of Minds Competition where we had 14 Years 7 and 8 girls participate in this completion. There were two groups focusing on an Engineering and Mathematics challenge and Language Literature challenge. Several girls were invited to participate in ‘Write a Book in a Day’. Girls were given a task and had to write a story and create illustrations with the completed work formatted into a book. We also had two girls compete in an interschool Chess Competition. Other activities were interschool Gymnastics, DAV Debating and House Debating. We have many strong public speakers and Debators in Year 8 and these girls are to be congratulated for their hard work. Allegra Dennison participated the State Final for DAV Public Speaking competition, successfully making it to the final 11.

We welcome back the Year 8 girls and their teachers from the OEG camp to Eildon, where the girls participated in camping, hiking and kayaking during the first week of Term 4. We look forward to the Years 7 & 8 Musical ‘Honk Jr.’ in the coming weeks.

Please find below a recount of the Chess finals written by Year 8 student, Lillian Lu.

Chess Finals

The atmosphere was thick with intensity and excitement as I set foot into the playing hall at Lauriston Girls’ School on an early Tuesday morning. It was the 2017 Victorian Interschool Secondary Girls’ Final and the playing area was cramped with various uniforms as students from all ages and schools steamed in from the entrance. Greeting and laughter echoed inside the vast playing area as friends from different schools chatted freely amongst themselves.

In the corner of the main playing area, there was a distinctive stage in the corner where the lucky winners of their division will be receiving their awards at the end of the tournament. There was a seating area to the side where nervous parents sat next to their backpacks, anxiously waiting for their children. Clocks were set neatly next to rows and rows of chess boards, some children sat at boards with their friends, eager to practise just a bit more.

As I arrived, the first thing that needed to be done was to check in with the organiser to confirm my presence. Then, I was surprised to find several friends clustered around the area as I attempted to weave my way towards the seating area. There, I was met by Miss Jenny Molloy and Paula who was also playing in this tournament. Everyone crowded around the stage as the organiser did a short roll call, and after a long wait for absent players, the games commenced.

Since Paula and I were competing in the older category, we were led to another room just outside the entrance of the playing hall. The first few rounds were a slight struggle but Paula and I were both successful in outplaying our opponents. It was nice to see that everyone was extremely friendly and I got to make a lot of new friends. After each round, Paula and I would seek continuous support from both Miss Molloy and each other since we were the team with the least people.

After the fourth round, we were given a quick lunch break, though Paula and I were way too hysterical and enthusiastic for the remaining rounds to pay much attention to food. The last few games are usually the toughest, so Paula and I decided to play a few more practice rounds to calm our nerves. When Round 5 started, we were ready for the challenge. The two of us came up against some of our friends and we all tried our hardest. In the end, we both ended up on 6/7 which was an exceptional result.

The prize giving ceremony started as the first three places of the two divisions went up to receive their prizes with overjoyed faces and delightful smiles. The winning school was also congratulated on their opportunity to play in the interstates. After the ceremony finished, Paula and I were ushered up onto the stage by Miss Molloy to take a photo with a brilliant guest chess player. Certificates were also handed out to everyone and goodbyes were said with promises of future meet-ups.

Overall, even though neither of us got an award after losing the tie-break for second place (or for being the team with the least amount of players, which Miss Molloy found completely unacceptable), knowing that we persisted, made the experience a lot more awarding and extraordinary. We will always remember this special experience and Miss Molloy for looking after us and enduring us through all of our hysteria. We will also not forget all our new friends and aquaintances that we made on the way.

Lillian Lu (Year 8)
Miss Jenny Molloy, Dean of Year 8