Sun Safety

In Terms 1 and 4,  clearly labelled School sunhats must be available at all times and are compulsory when outdoors. It is highly advisable that each student owns two clearly named hats. Students are reminded by staff to secure their hats before moving outdoors for lessons and break times. Unfortunately, students without a hat will be directed to sit in areas out of direct sunlight during the periods spent outdoors.

Junior School Beyond Boundaries: Relationships, resilience, reflection

Over the last few weeks, I have had the pleasure to be a visitor on our final two Junior School Beyond Boundaries experiences for 2017 –  the Years 1 and 2 School experience and the Year 3 Sunnystones Camp. Being a part of the organisation of each camp, working closely with the teachers at School and during their time away, visiting a number of the camps, and actively participating in a few has given me a great insight into the Beyond Boundaries program at St Catherine’s, and the wonderful opportunities our girls have experienced this year.

My observations and conversations with both students and teachers over the year, have reinforced to me, the value of outdoor education in the development of students during their formative years.

Research has shown that there are a number of outcomes associated with Outdoor Education, but one of the most significant impacts is the development of positive social and emotional skills in a real-life context, connecting students with nature, other people and themselves. Studies have shown outdoor education opportunities develop a sense of self, independence, confidence, creativity, decision-making and problem-solving skills, and empathy towards others, motor skills, self-discipline and initiative.

Associate Professor Tonia Gray, from the University of Wollongong, refers to these as ‘the other three Rs, namely; relationships, resilience and reflection’. Undoubtedly, these skills and experiences will stay with them well into their futures.

Ms Catherine Samuel, Deputy Head of Junior School
Reflections of a wonderful outdoor learning event Friday 13 October
Year 1 Camp Reflections

On Friday, it was the Years 1 and 2 OEG experience. We met our instructor, Rosie in the hall and then had some fruit and lollies. After that, we played lots of games. Rosie set us into groups for one of the games. In the group game, we had to try and get as many cotton balls into a hula hoop. After games, we had hamburgers and sausages for dinner. For dessert, we had yoghurt. Next, we had a rest and washed our own dishes. After, we played ‘Toilet Tiggy’. Then it was home time. I wished I could have stayed at School and slept in the Library like the Year 2s. I had a great time and I can’t wait until next year!

Jessica Huang (Year 1)

On Friday, I woke up very excited. It was finally camp at School! The camp was called Year 1 and 2 OEG experience. We had to bring a change of clothes, a plate, a bowl and a knife and fork. After we got changed, we had afternoon tea. When we finished eating, Rosie, the instructor, played games with us. After we played the games, everyone was really hungry. We got to have a sausage in bread or a hamburger. I had both! Then we washed our dishes. I was really tired because I usually go home at 3.15pm, but because it was camp, we went home at 7.00pm. I had a lot of fun at camp!

Amelie Favaloro (Year 1)

On Friday, it was the Year 1 and 2 OEG experience. I had another bag to put things in for the best night. I came to School happy that we were going to stay till 7.00pm. First, we met Rosie, our teacher, and had an afternoon tea of fruit and lollies. We played heaps of fun games. In groups, we had to try and get as many cotton balls in a hoop. Then we had the best BBQ. I had a burger and a sausage. They were both delicious! I washed my dishes by putting my plate in the tub of water. Then I put it in the soapy water. It was so much fun! We played ‘Toilet Tiggy’ and much more. I was sad that it was time to go. I will be excited to go for a sleepover when I’m in Year 2. On the night, I was so, so happy!

Carla Martuccio (Year 1)

On Friday, I experienced the Years 1 and 2 OEG experience. I was so excited for it because I got to stay at School for a long time. When I got there I had afternoon tea. It was fruit and lollies. It was very yummy! Then we played some games. I loved playing Octopus. Then Rosie put us into groups. We had to try and get the cotton balls into the hoop, but we could not use our hands. So, we had to make something to throw them with. Then we had dinner and dessert. It was sausages and yoghurt. They were so good! When we were done, we had to wash the dishes. It was easier to wash the dishes than I thought. I cannot wait to be in Year 2 and to be able to stay overnight. I had a good time!

Holly Farrer (Year 1)
Year 2 Camp reflections

On 13/10/17, the Year 2s went camping in the Library. My highlight was the catwalk because Chloe Handbury and I wore the exact same onesie and it was very merry fun. My second highlight was breakfast, it was like heaven! I had three cups of orange juice, two pieces of toast and some cereal. My last highlight was sleeping near all my friends. It did take me 2 hours and 7 minutes to get to sleep, but I made it. Those are all my highlights of camp.

Polly Moir (Year 2)

On Friday 13 October, we had the Year 2 sleepover at School. The highlight of the sleepover was watching Racing Stripes, because it’s such a great story. I’m really looking forward to Year 3 Camp.

Milla Cohen (Year 2)

On Friday 13 October, the Year 2s had our sleepover. The highlights were the games and watching the movie, Racing Stripes. The games were really fun and challenging. I loved the game octopus and the movie was also really good, it was about zebras. It was the best sleepover ever!

Clara Calvert (Year 2)

On Friday 13 October, we had the Year 2 sleepover at School. The highlight of the camp was watching Mr Bean, because it was really, really, really funny. I also liked the catwalk. The teachers put music on and we danced to it. I danced with Piper, we did dabs and cartwheels, it was so much fun!

Olivia Barr (Year 2)

On Friday 13 October, we had the Year 2 sleepover at School. The highlight of the sleepover was the catwalk and sleeping over with all my friends. My favourite thing about the catwalk was getting to dance with all my friends. It was super fun! I also loved to sleep in the same room as everyone. I can’t wait until next year!

Ziabella Armstrong (Year 2)

On Friday 13 October, we had the Year 2 sleepover at School. The highlight of the sleepover was the cat walk in pyjamas. I liked doing the catwalk with Olivia B. We did dabs and cartwheels. I liked watching Mr Bean and sleeping over with Clara, Olivia and Ziabella. I also loved having breakfast with my friends.

Piper Pascoe (Year 2)


Year 3 Uniform requirements 2018

Families are advised that all students entering Year 3 in 2018 require a School blazer. Prep to Year 2 students have blazers as an optional piece of uniform, however, Years 3 to 6 must all wear one.

As always, we urge parents to label all clothing and equipment with clear, well placed labels which are permanent, easy to find and therefore much easier to return to the owner if misplaced.

Year 6 2018 Leadership opportunities

Year 6 students, as role models for all younger students, traditionally fulfil a vital role in the Junior School and meet the challenges of leadership and responsibility with both confidence and competence.

In Term 4 particularly, numerous discussions are held with Year 5 students about the ‘Year 6 Code of Conduct’ and their own capacity to commit to the code and to be presented with a Year 6 Leadership Badge. The badge, significant in its award, symbolises the student’s acknowledgement, agreement, and importantly, demonstration that she can be presented with one and wear it with dignity and pride. It is not presented lightly and is viewed as highly treasured.

There are a small number of specific badges presented, after student, staff election and selection. These badges symbolise particular positions of responsibility.

Whilst these badges are sought with high appetite, parents are respectfully encouraged to ensure that their daughters appreciate the vital importance of understanding that wearing a ‘special’ badge does not bring with it, any special importance over someone else. Demonstration of initiative, responsibility, willingness to help at all times, respectful ways, generosity and personal skills as well as evident effort in all School and co-curricular pursuits are productive and desirable characteristics for life. An aim to demonstrate them is for everyone, regardless of a badge or otherwise.

At all times, the above sentiments are emphasised repeatedly in various ways and by various staff.

The Year 6 leadership badge is honoured entirely. The ‘Code of Conduct’ must be the guide consistently.

All Year 6 students are encouraged and given opportunities to lead. To date, they have done it well!

We look forward to a great year with our role models in 2018!

Details will be provided to Year 5 parents shortly.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck