The Big Science Competition

During Term 3, Years 7 and 8 students participated in the Big Science Competition completing the Junior examination paper. The Big Science Competition tests students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well their science knowledge. The Competition is a one-hour paper consisting of 30 multiple-choice questions. Test questions are written by the Australian Council for Educational Research. Each participating student will receive a Certificate providing details of their grade. The following students received a Distinction placing them in the top 11% of the competition

  • Claudia Coombe-Tennant (Year 7)
  • Ciara Jenkins (Year 7)
  • Clara Houle-O’Connor (Year 7)
  • Madeleine Hooker (Year 7)
  • Penelope Glenning (Year 7)
  • Sophie Simons (Year 7)
  • Allegra Dennison (Year 8)
  • Clementine Newton-Brown (Year 8)
  • Georgina Vote (Year 8)
  • Jessica Yang (Year 8)
  • Lillian Lu (Year 8)
  • Lucy Keilar (Year 8)
  • Mayuri Muralidharan (Year 8)
  • Tabitha Manson (Year 8)
  • Tiffany Pham (Year 8)
PECE (Propagation, Education, Conservation and Exploration) program

On Friday 8 September, all Year 8 students travelled to the Alcoa Conservation Reserve at Anglesea. Native orchid experts Doctor John Varigos, Margaret MacDonald and volunteers from ANGAIR led tours of the local heath land. Students were able to observe the orchid species similar to the species they have been growing from seed at school. Students were then met by local National Park Rangers where they viewed the disused local power station and coal mine. The future of the mine and power station were discussed as well as local conservation issues such as the impact of burning off and the regeneration of species of orchids not previously identified in the area.

National Youth Science Forum

On Tuesday 12 September, Michelle Libreri (Year 11), accompanied by her father Dr Graham Libreri and Grandmother Gitta Libreri, attended a morning reception at Government House for students participating in the National Youth Science Forum. Michelle met Old Girl The Honourable Linda Dessau AC. Michelle had the opportunity to meet other NYSF participants and to tour Government House with her family.


Ms Vanessa Jackson-McRae, Head of Science