Term 3 Closes

On behalf of all Barbreck staff, we wish all our students and their families an enjoyable break over the term holidays. We hope the break provides further opportunities for quality family time, a vacation or the opportunity to explore Melbourne engaging in hobbies, various activities and special events.

We encourage all students to embrace the holidays to read as much as possible. School holidays are a great opportunity children have to read for fun – being able to choose their own books and explore imaginary worlds on their own terms. The benefits of reading for pleasure are endless and can have a significant impact on literacy development as well as self-development.

Writing is also an excellent, pleasurable activity and is encouraged to become a regular daily habit.

We look forward to the commencement of Term 4 on Monday 9 October which also heralds the final term of 2017.

As always, Term 4 is an extremely busy time of the year and will appear to fly by quickly, however, our dedicated staff are prepared and looking forward to maximising every teaching and learning moment.

Building excitement

It has been an absolute privilege to witness the progress and growth of the much anticipated new Junior School. The building site is a busy, fascinating hive of productivity and on a daily basis we observe many interesting facets of the complex construction.

Where appropriate, the construction has provided practical learning moments where teachers utilised mathematics and engineering concepts to enhance learning in a way that is very visual and fascinating for our young students.

Most recently, the topic of ‘Angles’ covered in the Year 4 curriculum became very real with the capacity to physically observe and contemplate every angle possible. Situated directly outside the classrooms, the scaffolding alone lent itself to significant learning opportunities.

Campbell House children spend a great deal of time standing at their playground fence, thoroughly engaged in the building with the bonus of cranes, concrete trucks, diggers as well.

Co-curricular Commencement Dates for Term 4

Click here for a printable PDF of important details regarding the commencement dates for Term 4 Curricular activities:

Term 4 Uniform

There is a two week transition period planned for students to wear either summer or winter uniform from Monday 9 October.  Weather considerations should be part of the choice.  However, from Monday 22 October, all Barbreck students are required to wear complete summer uniform for the remainder of term.  We also ask parents to check summer dress lengths during the holidays.

Special School Uniform Requirements for Tuesday 10 October

As photographs for the end-of-year School Magazine are booked for Tuesday 10 October, both school uniform (winter on this occasion) and sports uniform are required (tracksuit pants and top essential). Shorts are not permitted for this particular occasion.

Commencing at 8.45am, group photos will be taken. There will not be a second opportunity for photos. Thus, students who are absent on 10 October will not appear in photographs for the magazine.

There will not be an assembly on Tuesday 10 October in order to maximise time for photographs to be taken before classes commence.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck
Bodyworks Health Program

It has been a pleasure to have Marion Church at St Catherine’s over the last few weeks of Term 3 to deliver the Bodyworks Health program to the Prep to Year 6 students.

Throughout the program, the Junior School students have developed a knowledge and understanding of the human body, discussed decisions they can make to enhance their health and wellbeing, build their resilience skills, develop a strong sense of self, and to build and maintain satisfying relationships.

In speaking with Marion, she said that she ‘continues to be astounded and delighted with the girls’ retention from one year to the next, and their willingness to engage and share in discussions about health. They approach conversations with enthusiasm, recalling information from previous years and making connections to the new information’

We look forward to continuing our work with Marion in Term 4.

‘It’s been great seeing Mrs Church again, and learning about all the body parts and how things work together.’

Eliza McCurdy (Year 4S)

‘Mrs Church is very talkative and likes questions. She explains things really well and makes learning about Health really fun.’

Miranda Ware (Year 6K)

‘We learn lots from Mrs Church and can ask her anything. She always answers our questions. I have learnt so much from her while I’ve been in the Junior School.’

Isla Forsyth (Year 6K)
Ms Catherine Samuel, Deputy Head of Junior School
Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck