Security in Campbell House

With respect, we remind all parents/carers that our gate codes must remain confidential. Our codes are in place for good reason, and sharing them with others compromises our security.

With this in mind, adults are also asked to refrain from telling children the code and permitting them to operate the gate using the numbers.

By 3.30pm, the playground must be vacated. Parents who permit children to play until 3.30pm are responsible for their own child and as such, supervision is requested to be vigilant.

In the interest of security and safety, we thank all families in anticipation of their understanding.

Morning Meetings

Morning Meetings are an integral component of the Reggio Emilia approach to our early learning and are a powerful means of learning about School. How to listen to peers, communicate greetings, ideas and how to question with ease, are all key elements of Morning Meetings. Discussions in Morning Meeting are often the spirit of provocation for new projects.

The development of social and cognitive skills, the establishment of a strong sense of community and connection to others are fundamental to effective and lifelong learning. Our early learners are exposed to this in so many ways throughout the day in Campbell House.

As learners advance with experience, the Morning Meetings become more layered and complex. Introductory years, such as the 3YO and 4YO programs in Campbell House, lay the essential groundwork for an approach to School and life beyond, defined by respect, stewardship and generosity.

End of Term 3 and Term 4 Commencement Dates
  • Final day for Term 3: 22 September
  • Dismissal time from ELC: 12.00noon
  • Term 4 commencement date: Monday 9 October
Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC ad Barbreck
Father’s Day

An ongoing conversation in the Waratah Room has been about care and what it means to care for others and ourselves. Most recently our conversations have focussed on how our dads have cared for us and inspired by the book, On the day you were born, by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks, the children and fathers of the Waratah Room contributed to a collaborative presentation that captured the caring relationship between children and their fathers.

Fathers were encouraged to reflect on the day their child was born and contribute a short sentence around that day. The children also reflected on how their fathers care for them today and shared this for our presentation. The presentation was accompanied by images of children with their fathers as painted by the children and shared with the whole Waratah Room community.

Following the presentation and breakfast, the children spent time in the classroom with their fathers and then independently contributed to tidying up tasks, assisting educators to reset the room, ready for the remainder of the day.

Breakfast was a great success and we thank all dads for their wonderful contributions to this project and celebration.

Miss Sandra Lenon, Waratah Room Teacher
Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Barbreck