Arriving in the mornings

All families are reminded that unless students have a scheduled, adult supervised early morning activity to attend, arrival at school should not be prior to 8.10am. Supervision is not available prior to 8.10am. Whilst staff are present, there are meetings to attend, activities to prepare and many tasks requiring staff to be in other areas of the school. We thank families in anticipation of our concern for safety and security for children.

Fundraising success

The total raised by Year 6 last Friday was $1,060.50. This will certainly be welcomed by the Breast Cancer research teams. Again, we applaud Year 6 for their excellent efforts and work, and thank families for your generosity.

Bodyworks: Health and Wellbeing program

During Terms 3 and 4, Junior School students will be participating in Bodyworks, as part of the Health program. The Bodyworks Primary Health and Well Being program has been specifically designed to be sequential for the seven years of the primary curriculum, and is delivered by Marion Church, a long-standing member of the Junior School community.

The Bodyworks program is linked directly with the existing Physical Education and Health curriculum, as well as being tailored to the needs of the Junior School students. From Prep to Year 6, the sequential program covers understanding through age-appropriate discussions and activities across four units:

  • Understanding the human body
  • Healthy Living
  • Substance use, misuse, and abuse
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Feeling OK – Prep to Year 2
  • Taking Care – Year 3
  • How I began – Year 4
  • Puberty and Adolescent Development – Year 5 and Year 6
Parent Information Session

Prep parents, new parents and other interested parents are invited to attend a Parent Information Session with Marion Church to learn more about the program, on Tuesday 29 August, 8.00am – 8.45am in the Junior School Library.

Taking time to reflect and to be present

A high focus is placed in every classroom each week in the area of Wellbeing. A conscious drive to engage and focus our students’ minds upon ways they can think, reflect, dream and “be in the present” is an important component of staff discussions across the school.
Effective learning takes place when learners are engaged, focused and content within themselves. For everyone, productivity and purpose is fuelled by the same each week, and Barbreck Assembly now features a ‘Well Being’ focus. Under the guidance of Ms Samuel or Ms Barker, we all enjoy a short session in which to think, reflect, stay mindful and, importantly, the emphasis is always on staying present in the moment!

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of Junior School and ELC