Over the break, a number of Junior and Senior School girls managed to get a ‘jump start’ on their skiing by participating in the Cross Country Ski training offered to students through the Snowsports Auxiliary. Thank you to Mr Tom Crebbin and Mrs Gina Peele for attending this training. I wish all our Snowsports families safe travel and a wonderful family weekend at Mt Buller for the annual House Snowsports event this weekend. This year, we have approximately 140 girls participating in the House competition.

St Catherine’s Snowsports will again be using the smart-device application ‘Team App’. We strongly advise all families to download Team App onto your devices (iPhone/Samsung Galaxy) to ensure you are up-to-date with information regarding the Snowsports program across the weekend.

Team App is available for free download to all smart-devices. Download Team App from the App Store  or Google Play  and install it on your smart–device. Snowsports Teamapp link: http://stcatherinessnowsports.teamapp.com/

Mystcatherines Snowsports portal page provides a teamapp user guide and additional relevant information about the snowsports program: http://myportal.stcatherines.net.au/homepage/code/STCSnow


Mr Lloyd Knight, Head of Sport