Years 5 and 6 Lion King Jr. triumph!

Remarks and comments from captivated audience members across the three performances of the Lion King Jnr., were filled with adjectives such as ”remarkable”, “outstanding”, “amazing” and “stunning”.

Congratulations to all Years 5 and 6 students. Also, to all the production crew, Mrs Melissa Dods, Miss Kirrilly Wootton and choreographer, Mrs Chris Barratt.

Barbreck staff are also thanked for their excellent contributions – big and small, backstage and front of house.

The resounding applause for the musical was so well deserved. Importantly, the hearty accolades endorsed the key elements which were so evident in the performances. Evidence of persistence, self-management, focus and listening in rehearsal periods and a strong desire to pursue personal and group excellence was very apparent to all who saw the musical.

So much learning occurred throughout the process, from the commencement through to the final phase of the polished performances. Learning and enjoyment are perfect partners. Mrs Dods, Miss Wootton and Mrs Chris Barratt are heartily thanked and their work applauded. Also, a warm thank you to all the Barbreck staff for their wonderful work in supporting and assisting front of house and back stage.

Learning and enjoyment are indeed perfect partners!

Year 6 Annual Fundraising Event: Friday 28 July

For a number of years, the Year 6 students have organised a special fundraising event for all Barbreck students. The organisations selected by Year 6 students numbers and each year on a rotatory basis, one of the groups recipient of all donations and money raised. The three selected organisations listed below are supported on a rotating basis:

  • Make-A-Wish Australia
  • Heartkids
  • Breast Cancer Network Australia

2017 is the year for the Breast Cancer Network Australia to be supported in the event. Students wear a special colour each year (casual clothes) which identify our support for the organisation:

  • Make-A-Wish – Rainbow colours to symbolise hope and sunshine
  • Heart Kids – Blue and red
  • Breast Cancer Network Australia

The information in this item in the Blue Ribbon is to also act as a prompt to ‘save all pink clothing, ribbons, socks etc’ as possible.

The event will be organised and led by the Year 6 students. Learning about the Breast Cancer Network Australia and the work done through research, as well as fun and an invitation to purchase a lunch in the Junior School will ensure that learning and enjoyment are great partners again in Barbreck.

Traditionally, the day sees the Junior School in a ‘sea of pink!’ Please be prepared.

ELC Playground Facility

Barbreck students are not permitted to play in the ELC playground after school dismissal time. The exception is when children are attending the Out of School Hours Care Program.

Coded gates should not be used by anyone who is not a current Campbell House family. The integrity of the coded system is very important. Barbreck students in Prep-Year 2 have numerous opportunities to play (during some gazetted lunchtimes) in the ELC playground but should not be using it after school.


In STEM, Year 4 have been learning about radiation. My mum is a radiologist in a hospital where there are machines that use radiation. On Friday, she came to tell us about the machines, how they work and how they can be used to help children by seeing inside their bodies with different cameras. When she came in all the Year 4s were so excited, and asked so many questions.

Mrs Jacqueline Carabott (Year 4)

Engaging students in fields related to STEM requires an understanding of what this looks like in the real world; in particular how people have achieved in this area. Each week students explore a female scientist who has had a significant impact on society. These scientists range from chemists to astronomers, from girls who defied orders to study science to those that have followed in their role models’ footsteps. As the students explore different scientists, they engage with new concepts and ideas. More importantly, they begin to make connections with their prior learning and begin to ask questions to challenge their thinking.

Recently, the Year 4 students took a particular interest in the work of Lise Meitner, nuclear physicist and Irene Joliet-Curie, chemist, who explored radiation. Lise stood very much in the shadow of Marie Curie and Irene Joliet-Curie who followed in her mother’s footsteps. In our animated discussions about radiation and its diverse uses, student Jacqueline Carabott (Year 4) made the connection that her mother Anna Moon was a radiologist. As a result, we invited Anna in to speak about how she applied radiation in her workplace. It was a very interesting afternoon, one in which the students readily engaged and took away much from the discussion. We thank Anna for sharing her experience and knowledge.

Miss Alyssa Flint, Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Junior School