From the Dean of Year 12

The Class of 2017 commenced their Year 12 journey in January at a Leadership Conference at Ormond College, The University of Melbourne. The girls enjoyed staying overnight at a university residence as it gave them a chance to experience what might be in store for them in twelve months’ time. During the two days, workshops on leadership were conducted by presenters Darren Pereia from Success Integrated and Glen Gerryn from The Hope Institute. Our School Captains, Mackenzie Leyden and Georgia Sitch, facilitated meetings with the student group in which they set the goals for their group for the year ahead. The group decided that their word for the year would be BEYOND and we look forward to seeing how this word is used to inspire them throughout the year.

Whether a student enrolled at St Catherine’s School thirteen years ago or more recently, the receiving of the ‘blue jumper’ is a much longed for right of passage. It signifies that a student is in Year 12 but more importantly that they are a student leader. Despite the warm days this year, the blue jumpers are being worn with pride.

The Year 12s started the first day of school by eagerly greeting the Year 7 girls at the Heyington gates, welcoming them into the Senior School and assisting them to carry their bags to their lockers. Since the first day, Year 12 girls are present at the gates, both before and after school.

By now, most students will have experienced their first SAC. My observations are that the Year group has a focused approach to their studies. During spare periods, as well as at the end of the School day, the girls seem to be working productively in the Common Room, as well as in other areas that are reserved specifically for their use.

This year, each Year 12 student has been allocated a Staff Mentor and they will have the opportunity to discuss academic goals, challenges, strengths and achievements together. This Mentor Program was successfully trialled last year and proved to play an integral role in providing each student with another level of support.

With 89 girls in the Year group, the biggest for quite some time, I am kept busy however, this cohort makes it a pleasure. They have started the year with great enthusiasm for ‘all things school’, whether it be their studies, Sport, Music, Drama, Art, Debating, Community Service, Astronomy Club or Environment Club. They have bonded as a group and are supportive of each other. I look forward to the rest of the year and hope that I can farewell each of the Class of 2017, knowing that they have enjoyed their final year of School having done their best.

Jeanette Gunn, Dean of Year 12