Round 2 Teeball

Davis 19 defeated Langley Templeton 18.
Great catches were taken by Sienna Opray and Arkie Bertalli. Phoebe led by example as House Captain whilst Scarlet Pringle, Milla Naylor and Coco Kudelka were good contributors for Langley Templeton.

Holmes Kilbride 35 defeated Beaulieu Blair 31
Saskia Schwarz took a vital catch late in the game for Beaulieu Blair, whilst Olivia Howitt and Chloe Nevins were good hitters. Holmes Kilbride were well served by Sienna Darcy who took many catches whilst Mattea Demetriou and Eloise Burdett were effective on first Base.

House Cross Country Reminder

A reminder to all Years 3 to 6 girls that our House Cross Country is fast approaching. Friday 17 March is the date and our Years 3 and 4 girls will kick off at 9.30am.

To makes things easier, feel free to put in some sneaky training before the event or come along to Junior Joggers on Tuesdays at 7.30am. The House Cross Country is the main selector for our district Cross County team on Monday 22 May.

Mr Tom Crebbin, Junior School Coordinator of Sport