Junior Joggers
Years 4 to 6 Junior Joggers undertaking interval training at Kevin Bartlett Reserve

Years 4 to 6 Junior Joggers undertaking interval training at Kevin Bartlett Reserve

Tuesday 7 February saw the first outing for St Catherine’s Junior Joggers in Years 4 to 6.

On a beautiful morning our Junior School girls ran to Kevin Bartlett Reserve for some interval training. A reminder to parents that we commence running at 7.30am sharp and return by 8.00am in time for the girls to prepare for the School day.

Our Year 3 students are invited to start Junior Joggers in Term 2 when they have settled in.



District Tennis

Congratulations to Katherine Graham and Sienna Opray who both progressed to the second round of the District Tennis competition.




House Teeball

It was straight into House Teeball for our Years 5 and 6 students on Tuesday during after School Sport.

Holmes Kilbride (25) narrowly defeated Langley Templeton (24).

Davis (27) drew with Beaulieu Blair.

Highlights included:

Charlotte Wood (Year 5 HK) produced some big hits.

Sienna Darcy (Year 6 HK) and Milla Naylor (Year 6 LT) both took important catches.

Anise Imam and Julia Kent (Year 6 BB) both took great catches.

Joanna Mathers (Year 6 D), Rosie Oxley (Year 6 BB), Chloe Nevins (Year 6 BB) and Zoe Hall (Year 6 LT) were all effective hitters for their respective teams.

House Swimming

Well done to all the girls for their spirited competition which resulted in a great House competition. Barbreck House Swimming results were:

2017-02-10-14-27-10First – Langley Templeton

Second – Beaulieu Blair

Third – Davis

Fourth – Holmes Kilbride

2016 was the first year the Blue Ribbon event was raced, which places the six fastest swimmers in Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 against each other. Congratulations to all the girls who made it to this race. Year 4 student Portia Gowrie placed first in the Years 3 and 4 race, with Emma Peele placing second. In the Years 5 and 6 event Chloe Nevins came out with the win.

We can now prepare our Barbreck District Swimming Team for Thursday 23 February and the District competition.


Mr Tom Crebbin, Junior School Coordinator of Sport