Relaxed and Happy Start to 2017

Our year in the ELC has commenced and it has been a pleasure to welcome the children in all classes. Throughout the orientation period and beyond it is our priority to ensure that the children feel relaxed, comfortable and happy in their new surroundings. It could be the first experience away from home for some children and it is important to consider their individual needs and create a supportive, responsive environment full of new and exciting discoveries. Close relationships first within, and then reaching beyond the family, are believed to be critical to healthy intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development in childhood. We respect each child for their unique family background and look forward to creating a culture of friendship, kindness and connectedness to their peers and to the adults around them.

Ms Fiona Barker
ELC Coordinator
Communication Between ELC and Home

For education to be most effective and for young children to feel settled, secure and comfortable in their learning environment and away from home, that School and families are partners in goal setting. Communication is the key to this partnership.

Please be aware that no question is ever too small for our ELC staff and we will always do our very best to effect a quick and accurate response.

For your convenience, please retain the following important 2017 contact details:

Head of Junior School and ELC:

Mrs Alana Moor
Tel:  9828 3020

ELC Coordinators:

Ms Fiona Barker
Ms Sarah Bethune

Office Number (when not teaching) (03) 9828 3075. Please note this number has message bank.

2017 Classrooms
Blue Gum

Ms Sarah Bethune and Ms Julie Malvestuto
Tel: (03) 9828 3931

Waratah Room

Miss Sandra Lenon and Ms Carol Curtis
Tel: (03) 9828 3037

Wattle Room

Miss Kristina Schrader, Mrs Krystyna Eggers, Mrs Briony Friend and Mrs Christine Wipfli
Tel:  9828 3037

Banksia Room

Ms Fiona Barker, Mrs Penny Campbell and Ms Jill Baker
Tel: (03) 9828 3068

ELC Information Evening – Tuesday 21 February 7.00pm to 8.00pm

The ELC Information Evening will be held in your child’s classroom. This session ensures parents have the opportunity to meet staff working with their children every day.

Young children love to know that parents have had the chance to sit in their classroom and to hear all the details about the learning, activities and fun which are planned for the year. An emphasis upon the myriad of ways in which parents become partners in children’s learning, together with the ELC staff is always highly valued.

We warmly encourage at least one parent from each family to attend. It is an important evening and the connection between home and School is well established.


Mrs Alana Moor Head of ELC and Junior School