To date, students have settled back into the new School year very well, with new Year levels, different classmates and a new teacher to enjoy.

The excitement about the prospect of a new building for the Junior School is evident and palpable! Staff and students are really loving the thought that we will all be part of what has been a long term dream at St Catherine’s School. Teaching our students to value the past and to enjoy the future is our privilege and pleasure.

As we build, the learning available will be maximised. Much is already set in place to adapt during times when we need to adjust access routes and similar. We are certainly also prepared to provide activities and opportunities at recess and lunch, or a rostered basis, to ensure enjoyment and new offerings.

Returning Barbreck students in 2017 have been, as always, warm and helpful to our new girls this year. As parents, you can be extremely proud of them.

Preps Commence Full Days

After the first week of School for Preps experiencing half days, the girls have now commenced full time attendance on four of the five days (half days Wednesdays for Term 1). It has been so exciting to observe the enjoyment of all the Preps whilst they initially explore, wonder and inquire into the Prep journey. Many of our older students reflect upon their own Prep days with so many warm memories and also some disbelief that they were once so young and little!

Barbreck Assemblies

Barbreck Assemblies, held each Tuesday 8.45-9.40am, are a wonderful way for the Junior School community to draw together as a group and celebrate special events, showcase musical talent, learn about the School values in various ways, enjoy singing together and applauding effort in various ways. Year 6 students play a significant role in our assemblies through their responsibility as the leaders of the Junior School.

Parents are warmly welcome to attend the assemblies on any, or every, Tuesday, even for a short time.

Sun Hats

A reminder that students must have a sunhat at School every School day especially in Terms 1 and 4. This is compulsory. Outdoor lessons, recess and lunch periods all require students to wear their School hat or they need to sit in an area designated by staff as being out of the sun.

Information Evening

Date: Thursday 16 February

Time: 7.00pm -8.15pm

Venue: Classrooms (Junior School)

All Barbreck families are warmly invited to attend the forthcoming Junior School Information Evening. The session is an important and informative opportunity for parents to learn about classroom and Year level specific information. It also includes an opportunity to hear from Principal, Mrs Michelle Carroll and the new Deputy Head of the Junior School, Ms Catherine Samuel.

Please note that the session commences in your daughter’s classroom at 7.00pm promptly. The evening concludes at 8.15pm in the Junior School Hall.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the evening.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Junior School