News from the Blue Gum Room

It is that wonderful time of year when all of the children’s learning development comes together and is celebrated.

The children in Blue Gum Room are currently immersed in preparations for their end of year concert and celebration. They have been involved in all aspects of the production from developing and debating ideas, to designing props and costumes, rehearsing songs and creating the invitation for their families.

This whole group project provides opportunities for the children to participate in many different ways. Some children have assisted with writing for the invitation while others have contributed drawings. A small group of children worked on designing a castle while others created props such as the sun, clouds and flowers for their garden.

All children have worked on their own costumes. It really has been a collaborative process. As time draws closer to concert day, the children’s excitement is building. They cannot wait to share their work with their families on the stage. The children’s end of year concert is not only a celebration on that particular day, but also a reflection of the children’s learning and development throughout the year in Blue Gum Room.

Ms Sarah Bethune
Blue Gum Teacher


Thank you to Campbell House Staff

The ELC classroom concerts are always totally enthralling! All of us in attendance have observed the enthusiasm exuded by each young performer. Every learner was so proud, standing tall and loving their part on stage, and also thoroughly enjoying the warmth of well deserved applause!

Involvement, inclusion, choices about the program details, costumes and scenery were all so carefully considered by our young learners throughout preparations for the concerts. Confidence building is so important!

Teaching young learners to take pride in all they do, and to secure their understanding about the essential need for perseverance, cooperation and negotiation, permeates through each activity in Campbell House. The end of year concerts all reflect this well.

The 2016 classroom concerts highlight the professionalism, purpose and passion for education of our Campbell House staff. Their belief, that young learners are capable and competent, is so evident!

Sincere thanks and appreciation to each Campbell House staff member.

Mrs Alana Moor, Head of ELC and Junior School