Junior School Music Performance Dates

Annual Junior School Music Concert at 6:45pm – Thursday 24 November

Year 2 Strings Recital – Wednesday 30 November

John Macrae Centre Performance at 12:45pm – Friday 2 December

Junior School Carol Service at 2.00pm – Tuesday 6 December

js-concert-billboardWe are all very busy preparing for the annual Barbreck Music Concert to be held on Thursday 24 November. This event is the main Music concert for the Junior School, involving all students from Prep to Year 6. The Concert provides our students with the opportunity to share a wide range of choral and instrumental music with our School community. There is no cost for tickets, however bookings are required and are available via the link here.

Earlier in the year, at the 120th Gala Concert, our Years 5 and 6 students launched our new Junior School Anthem, Blue Ribbon Girl. This piece was written by the eminent Australian choral composer, Mr Paul Jarman, who visited the Junior School to work with our Year 6 students to create and compose a Junior School Song. Blue Ribbon Girl will feature as our ‘Massed Choral’ item at the Annual Junior School Music Concert this year, with all students from Prep to Year 6 students singing together.

Everyone in Barbreck is looking forward to this special evening of music and we look forward to seeing you there.

I look forward to sharing our music with you in Term 4.

Mrs Melissa Dods
Junior School Music Coordinator
Science Opportunities for Years 4 to 6

Years 4 to 6 students thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to complete the CREST Science lessons in the Senior School Science Laboratories. The CSIRO CREativity in Science and Technology (CREST) program is a non-competitive awards program supporting students to design and carry out their own open-ended Science investigation or technology project.

CREST forms one component of the Years 4 to 6 Science curriculum. Within the CREST lessons students are required to:

  • plan and conduct an investigation
  • process and analyse their experimental data
  • record ideas and work completed
  • evaluate and reflect on their achievements
  • communicate their findings.

CREST also provides an excellent opportunity for our older students from the Junior School to spend time in the Senior School environment, familiarising themselves with how the Science laboratories work. It is wonderful hearing the chatter amongst many of the girls, sharing their thoughts and aspirations to become a scientist, or discussions as to which Science subjects they would like to study in the future!

 Preparing for 2017

Throughout this Term we have observed our learners in the 4YO ELC programs experience a taste of what it will be like in Prep. This is an exciting time for children and a proud moment of anticipation and often mixed feelings for parents. The girls who will be members of the Prep class at St Catherine’s School next year have had several excellent opportunities to spend time in Barbreck and they have loved it!

Under the excellent guidance of our Prep teacher, Mrs Jessica Easton, assisted by Mrs Kate Bourke, the girls have thoroughly enjoyed their task of being a Prep student. Each girl appeared more confident and more comfortable after each of the interesting sessions with “I cannot wait!” and “can I come again tomorrow?” familiar statements after each visit. Preparation for the transition, as always, was attended to with professional rigour, care and a full appreciation of the critical importance of familiarity and comfort.

Mrs Alana Moor Head of ELC and Junior School