Australian Mathematics Competition

During Term 3 members of our Year 6 Problem Solving Group competed in the Australian Mathematics Competition. This international competition provided the students with an opportunity to test their mathematical ability by completing questions which involved basic numeracy skills through to advanced problem solving. The students who work with Senior School Mathematics teacher Mrs Amanda Ladbury-Webb, once a week, achieved very good results and are congratulated for their efforts.

High Distinction

Beibei Zhang


Angela Yu, Paula Chen, Sacha Hanegbi


Eloise Rudge, Lara Thorn, Daisy Turnbull, Zhi Qing (Emma) Yang, Lan-Tian Yen-West


Madeleine Farrer

Ms Sandra Ching
Year 6 Teacher
Polly Woodside

As part of the students’ History subject we have been focusing on travel in the past and present. In line with this topic Year 2 students visited Polly Woodside.

Built in Belfast in 1885, the three masted cargo vessel, carried coal and wheat between England and South America. Although the weather did not look promising, we still ventured out to a day enjoyed by all.

The Year 2 students quickly immersed themselves into role play which gave them a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of those who lived, and worked, aboard the Polly Woodside. The hands-on activities and engaging experiences ranged from using the capstan to hauling sails, scrubbing decks and learning the fine arts of navigation.

The students gained a better understanding on how travelling on the high seas served as a means of transport for both trade and passengers. Life wasn’t easy and there were many comparisons made with today’s forms of transport.

Mrs Loretta Iacuone
Year 2 Teacher


2016 Year 3 Camp Sunnystones

Recently, the Year 3 girls experienced their first two night camp, held at Camp Sunnystones, Bacchus Marsh. With such an action packed three days the girls returned exhausted, but with many stories and fun memories to share with family and friends.

It was wonderful to observe every girl extend themselves beyond their comfort levels and experience a sense of achievement from trying something they had never done before. Some of the challenges for the girls included completing the low ropes course without needing their partner, working as a team of ‘herbivores’ in the ‘Survival Game’ to avoid being captured by ‘Humans’ and ‘Carnivores’ and taking responsibility for being organised and ready for activities. With each challenge the girls faced, they showed courage and perseverance demonstrating the qualities of a St Catherine’s girl, showing manners and being respectful and kind to each other.

Year 3 girls enjoying Camp Sunnystones

Year 3 girls enjoying Camp Sunnystones



Millicent Mailer, Rafia Alqemzi and Jacqueline Carabott challenging themselves at Camp

Millicent Mailer, Rafia Alqemzi and Jacqueline Carabott challenging themselves at Camp

Some of the activities the girls experienced included a two hour hike into Camp on the first day, crossing a creek and ascending a steep hill, a low ropes course, archery, the popular ‘Survival Game’ and hut building. Another highlight of the Camp was the ‘night walk’ where they crept up quietly next to kangaroos grazing in their own habitat, searching for trapdoor spiders with a head torch and learning about the surrounding environment.

All the girls are to be congratulated for their contribution and making the Camp one they will always remember.

Here are some student comments about their Camp experiences:

“Getting to sleep was easier than I thought.”
Portia Gowrie

“I like seeing the kangaroos and the fungi.”
Bella Burdett

“I enjoyed working as a team in the hut building with Rachael and Rafia.”
Ziqi Wang

“I was proud that I completed the impossible ‘X’ in the low ropes course.”
Annabel Calvert

“It was fun watching our huts being tested with rain water and a ball to show the wind.”
Chloé Favaloro

“I enjoyed the walk in because the forest was very beautiful.”
Jasmine Heritage-Nairne

Mr Tim Tainsh
Year 3 Teacher
Victorian Tennis Academy

Congratulations to Year 5 student, Olivia Howitt who recently won The Victorian Tennis Academy ‘player of the month’ for the month of September.

Olivia was nominated by the coaching team for her commitment, dedication, impeccable behaviour and great skill development. Well done Olivia.

Labelled Clothing

A reminder to all families that it is essential to clearly name all items of uniform and School belongings. Inaccurate, or poorly labelled goods, are extremely difficult to return to owners. Generally, all well named items are returned as quickly as possible to the rightful owners.

Parents are asked to regularly check that the items of uniform at home do not belong to someone else. Uniform items are very easy to mix up and this especially occurs after changing for Swimming or after School sport.

Mrs Alana Moor Head of ELC and Junior School