The Past Parent Committee oversees the School’s past parent program of calendar events and ensures that the past parent community retains its’ ties and connection to St Catherine’s. If you would like to join our small group of enthusiastic past parents to help arrange and co-ordinate events, let us know. We would love to include you around our table.

Our 2023 Committee
Jodie Cody (PP ’14, ’15, ’19) Scott Reinke (PP ’17, ’21)
Leanne Deacon (PP ’17) Rowena Rudge (PP ’22)
Lucy Fortey (PP ’18, ’20 & ’22) Chrissy Ryan (PP ’11)
Sophie Gardiner (PP ’14) David Swann (PP ’16, ’19)
Caroline Manson (PP ’19 & ’21) Anne Waterhouse (PP ’00, ’01, ’05)