Understanding Personal Potential

The Year 5s recently enjoyed a full day incursion on leadership and teamwork presented by U.P.P – Unleashing Personal Potential.  

The girls were engaged from the beginning, listening to Gil and Jaime share with them ways they can build leadership qualities and work in a team.  

A big focus for the day was the acronym A.S.P.I.R.E 

Action – take action, be willing to have a go. 

Serve – see the needs of others and support them. 

Persist – persist through struggles, challenges, setbacks, and failures. 

Influence – influence others and set examples. 

Respect – respect for people, group, equipment, and environment. 

Encourage – encourage others. 

With ASPIRE in mind, the girls worked together to complete a range of team challenges. There was a lot of persistence required to achieve the marble run, and every team could be heard encouraging and supporting each other when solving puzzles and trying to roll up a six or 12 on the large dice. 

The level of participation and enthusiasm from the Year 5s was wonderful. They enjoyed giving ‘shout-outs’ to people in their team, understanding that giving compliments benefits both the receiver and the giver.  

The girls learnt that stepping into leadership meant more than wearing a badge and that there are different types of leaders: 

  • Prophet Leader – has many initiatives and ideas. 
  • Planner Leader – is organised and practical when getting things done. 
  • People Leader – focuses on the welfare of others and considers their actions on other people. 

After completing a survey, the girls were able to see what type of leader they were and where their leadership strengths lie. 

“I enjoyed partnering with someone I wouldn’t normally work with; I like meeting new people. I learnt that persistence is important when working in a team.” Alexandra Pitt 

“I learnt that it motivates people more when you encourage them. I also learnt that it is easier working in a team.” Stavroula (Voula) Hronopoulos 

“I learnt that it is really fun working in a team with people you don’t know, and it is fun to solve riddles with them.” Taylor Lee  

“I learnt that you don’t have to have a badge to be a leader. You can be a leader by encouraging and inspiring people.” Clementine Abbott  


Miss Kirrilly Wootton, Miss Ilse Johansen and Miss Fiona Wardlaw

Year 5 Teachers

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