The Hands

I have always encouraged people including children to physically interact with my work as it is only then that the works, for me, truly come to life.

My sculptures are highly textured, with the skins of the fingers and hands made to be touched and experienced close up. When a child’s hand is placed on the bronze hand of a chimp or a child is placed within the palm of the Chimpanzees hand, the relevance and meaning of the work becomes apparent. The differences and similarities between ‘us and them’ through comparison can be seen, and subsequently empathy takes a part in the artworks ability to educate.

I hope for ‘The Hands’ is to became a meeting point for the girls, a destination reaffirming our interconnection with nature and each other.

St Catherine’s School proved to be an important turning point in my life sending me on my lifetime journey in art making and raising awareness about Humans relationship with nature. My connection with the school has been strengthened by SCOGA and our mutual connection with esteemed scientist and female role model Dr Goodall with whom I am working on a large scale art project to tour globally during 2020-2021, celebrate the anniversary of her seminal scientific research at Gombe National Park.

I am so touched that my bronze sculpture, titled ‘The Hands’ has been purchased by SCOGA and donated by them to St Catherine’s School, offering the same pertinent message that we need to interconnect with nature to create a sustainable future.

Lisa Roet (’84)

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