Keep many doors open

Current parent and Old Girl, Amelia Campbell (’86) along with her daughter Lucy Campbell, School Co-Captain recently shared their thoughts about life, study, and the wonderful opportunities available at the School in an interview for St Catherine’s News – Autumn.

Amelia has a background in Science, majoring in haemotology, and commencing in Medical Research. Currently, she is the Financial and Accounts Manager for the family business, as well as a Teacher’s Aide. Her daughter Lucy has a ‘give it a go’ attitude making the most of every situation and opportunity.

Amelia Campbell

As an Old Girl, what does it mean having your daughter as Co-Captain in the School’s 125th anniversary year?

It adds a special significance to Lucy and Cece’s role. Lucy started at St Catherine’s in Year 7 when it was the 120th anniversary so I feel it has completed her journey here at the School.

One memory of your time at School that stands out?

I have many memories from my time participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. On one hike it just rained and everything was saturated. We were squeezing water out of our sleeping bags, fending off leaches. However, even in times of adversity there can be fun and a great tale to tell.

Why did you choose St Catherine’s School for your daughter?

Being a small School, it allows you to participate in everything offered without being intimidated. The support and care from staff provide a warm environment to thrive. The sense of belonging remains with you for the rest of your life.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned from Lucy?

To try and approach everything, in particular new things, with enthusiasm and positivity. Lucy rarely says no to anything, she just jumps in and gives everything a go.

What advice have you provided to your daughter about her education and career choices?

I strongly believe it is important to study subjects you enjoy as undoubtedly you will do well in subjects you find interesting. At the same time try to keep as many doors open so as not to limit your career choices.

What has your daughter achieved that are you most proud of?

I am proud of Lucy’s public speaking ability. It amazes me that she can happily get up in front of a room of people and speak so confidently. She certainly did not inherit it from me, I could think of nothing worse!

Lucy Cambell

What does it mean to you to be Co-Captain in this anniversary year?

It demonstrates the long and strong history of the School, and to be Co-Captain this year gives me great pride that I am a part of this history.

Is there a special significance for you that both Co-Captains’ mums are also Old Girls?

I love going to a School where my mum, along with my aunties have all gone. It provides me with a strong sense of family tradition which I value. I feel very honoured that I am able to continue this family tradition.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt from your mother?

To be kind and approachable to others. I am grateful to have been encouraged to meet new people and make new friends. This has helped me to be confident and reach out to others.

What advice has your mother offered that has made an impact during your time at St Catherine’s?

To make the most of the opportunities that the School offers. This has led me to become involved in many Co-curricular activities and given me such an amazing school experience.

What do you hope to study when you finish school?

I do not know exactly what I want to do after school. I do know I want to work in a career where I am always working and helping people.

What will you take with you once you leave St Catherine’s to pursue your dreams?

The friends and support I have gained at St Catherine’s including both students and teachers will always be encouraging even once I leave.


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