Independent young women

Current parent and Old Girl, Jane Newton-Brown (’88) along with her daughter Clementine (Cece), School Co-Captain recently shared their thoughts about study, life lessons and the wonderful memories of School life in an interview for St Catherine’s News – Autumn.

Jane has been a practising member of the Victorian Bar (barrister) since 2000, and a solicitor prior to that. Her daughter Cece is active in Co-curricular activities with a resilient nature, placing a strong value on relationships with her family, teachers and her peers.

Jane Newton-Brown 

As an Old Girl, what does it mean having your daughter as Co-Captain in the School’s 125th anniversary year?

The 125th year anniversary is another significant milestone for our School community. I feel it is a privilege that my daughter, Cece, is a Co-Captain of the School at this special time.

One memory of your time at School that stands out?

When our Year 10 Level listened to our Headmistress, Miss Pizzey give us a speech about the importance of becoming independent young women and the potential pitfalls of a lack of independence. I greatly appreciated her words which motivated me to create an independent career. I have passed on that message to my daughters, although I know that the School fully endorses that message.

Why did you choose St Catherine’s for your daughter?

I was influenced by my happy memories but mainly because I believe in the School’s values, the dedicated and highly capable staff and the continual focus on an inclusive and diverse community.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt from Cece?

How important wellbeing is in all our lives. The way the School nurtures the students’ growth and development and encourages all students to support each other in their endeavours is incredible.

What advice have you provided to your daughter about her education and career choices?

To try her hardest, to choose her own subjects and then her own university pathway, to concentrate in class and in exams, and to always keep on top of her homework!

What has your daughter achieved that are you most proud of?

I am most proud that my daughter has developed her own voice and can express herself in a considered and empathetic way. I am also proud of her for receiving a blue blazer!

Clementine (Cece) Newton-Brown

What does it mean to you to be Co-Captain in this anniversary year?

The 125th Anniversary feels monumental. To be Co-Captain in such a significant year is special and exciting. I also appreciate how far we have progressed since the School began.

Is there a special significance for you that both Co-Captains’ mums are also Old Girls?

I definitely feel that I have a stronger bond with St Catherine’s because mum went here and because of that, we are able to share experiences and memories.

What is the greatest lesson you have learnt from your mother?

To take the work that I do seriously but to not take myself too seriously.

What advice has your mother offered that has made an impact during your time at St Catherine’s?

Mum has always guided me to try everything, take all the opportunities given to me, and to not count myself out of something before trying it.

What do you hope to study when you finish school?

I would like to go to university, but I haven’t decided what course I’d like to do yet.

What will you take with you once you leave St Catherine’s to pursue your dreams?

My supportive and considerate friends. I’m certain that we will continue to play a key role in supporting each other’s pursuits later on in life.


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