School’s NAPLAN Results Exceed National Data

Reliable, valid and accurate assessment of student learning is vital to understand what a student knows, what they have yet to learn and the growth in their learning from one point in time to the next.

While the annual NAPLAN tests receive mixed commentary as to their value and worth, St Catherine’s School finds the data exceedingly valuable. NAPLAN as a standardised assessment, serves the function of a diagnostic tool for schools and it enables the identification of how our students are learning in our school over time and it can be used as a means for evaluating our teaching and learning programs.

There are usually two questions which parents ask us. Most importantly “How is my daughter going?” and “How does St Catherine’s perform compared to other schools?”

The first question is of course a very individual one and there are a range of performances by our students across all Year levels. The second question is quite easy to answer. St Catherine’s performs exceptionally well and is one of the highest performing schools in Australia.

St Catherine’s School 2021 NAPLAN Data and Victorian Averages

The graph above highlights the mean average score in each NAPLAN test at each Year level. In every test, at each Year level, St Catherine’s students have significantly outperformed State and National data, without exception. This is testament to the skilled teaching by our staff across all Year levels and also the work and enthusiasm of our students. Our high NAPLAN scores support our view that the learning program we provide, the methodology of how we teach, and the diagnostic assessment tasks we set within the School, are of the highest standards.

Closer examination of the data shows, at Year 3, in Reading, almost 100% of our students performed above 50% of the state. In Writing, the figure is 100%. The Numeracy data at Year 3 is equally compelling. More than 50% of the girls are performing better than the top 25% in the state. At Year 5, it is Reading which shows a real strength in their performance.

Other Year levels show similar levels of performance. In Year 9, the Numeracy data shows more than 50% of our girls are in the top 25% of the State. At Year 7, it is Writing that also shows a similarly high level of achievement. Further details regarding St Catherine’s NAPLAN results are available via the myschools website.

In each of the tests completed by our students: Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation and Numeracy, and across every Year level, the girls are achieving at a high standard even with the complications of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

Our students, based on the data, are thriving in their learning and demonstrating growth which will set them up successfully for the school years ahead of them.

Mr Robert Marshall

Deputy Principal, Director for Teaching and Learning

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