Fearless – Isabel Gray

Our 2018 Dux, Isabel Gray is planning to study a double degree in PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) and Commerce at the Australian National University.

The 2018 Debating Co-Captain hopes to pursue a career in one of these fields after taking a post-university gap year to travel.

Commencing at St Catherine’s nearly 15 years ago in the three-year-old kindergarten program, Isabel has won several debating and public speaking awards during her time at St Catherine’s, including receiving a Top Five Speaker Award in the 2017 Senior British Parliamentary Competition. She represented the School at Bond University in the School Mooting Competition in 2018 and achieved strong results in the Debating Association of Victoria competition for 2018.

“My involvement in debating and public speaking has made me the confident individual that I am today. Learning how to express my opinions in a structured and polite way has been an invaluable skill,” explains Isabel.

Isabel also participated in the School’s Rowing program, earning a Light Blue Award for her contribution to the Sport and most notably for her role as cox of the First VIII Rowing Crew at the National Rowing Championships in 2017.

For Isabel, forming relationships with students across the year levels was a highlight of her time at St Catherine’s, “the small size of the school produces so many inter-year level relationships. These become so valuable in seeking advice and opinions from older girls and then imparting this knowledge on younger girls.”

Isabel said the caring and nurturing approach of St Catherine’s teachers inspired her to reach her full potential, “It was all of the chats outside of the classroom, where you talk to your teachers as if they are your friends, that made me feel so at home at St Catherine’s and consequently ignited my desire to do well

Isabel has the following advice to offer the 2019 Year 12 students: “Balance is everything. Staying close with your friends, letting yourself take a break on the weekend, and not giving up your favourite activities is essential to staying sane and enjoying the year.”

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