Class of 2022: Teacher Profile – Mrs Alison Cassidy

Mrs Alison Cassidy 
Dean of Academics 
VCE Subject Specialty: Visual Communication Design (VCD) Teacher 


What do you enjoy about teaching VCE subjects?  

I enjoy the higher-order thinking involved in VCE. Students have spent years scaffolding the skills and knowledge in their junior classes, and now they can apply these learnt skills. It is a fun and exciting time. 

Often students reflect on their VCE VCD days with great fondness as it is a refreshing break from the more theoretical subjects. In VCD we can chill out to music and have a chat, all whilst producing design work students are engrossed in, there are very few VCE subjects that can operate in such a way.  

What advice do you have for students preparing for VCE? 

First and foremost, look after yourself. It is important to be happy, rest, take time away from the books and above all else, have a positive mindset and not compare yourself to others.  

It is important you create strong habits and organisational structures that impact positively on your productivity. Lastly, ask the difficult questions and do not be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes is how you learn, and it is important to keep going – persistence creates excellence!  

Do you have a final message for the Class of 2022? 

You are all remarkable young ladies. You have the chance to fully recreate yourself if you want; nothing is permanent. As hard as life gets, you are not stuck, you have choices and you are in control of your thoughts – so think positively and stay in your own lane girls, you will go far! 

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