Class of 2022: Teacher Profile – Miss Tamara Andrews

Miss Tamara Andrews
VCE Subject Specialty: Further Mathematics 


How long have you worked at St Catherine’s School? 

I have worked at St Catherine’s for 26 years, commencing in 1997 – long before the Class of 2022 were born! 

What do you enjoy about teaching VCE subjects? 

It is very satisfying to see students use the knowledge they have built up over their six years of secondary school and to see how it can be applied to real life situations.  

They are also at the stage where they can appreciate that we are working together to help them achieve their desired outcomes – it is very much a partnership at VCE level. 

What advice do you have for students preparing for VCE? 

Regular, consistent work is much more effective than longer cram sessions. Work together with your teachers, they are here to support and assist you, so remember to communicate with them and seek assistance outside of class time if it is needed. Also, remember to have a balance – co–curricular involvement, physical exercise and relaxing time must be part of your weekly schedule and study. 

Do you have a final message for the Class of 2022? 

You are at the stage of your education where you have much more control over the direction you take. If you find the first path you take does not feel right, change! Explore new areas and find your passion – you spend a long time working – you want to enjoy what you do! 


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