Class of 2022: Sarah Marriott

Sarah Marriott
Davis House Co-Captain
Track & Field Co-Captain

What have been the highlights of your time at St Catherine’s?  

Two seasons of successful Rowing and our Henley triumph were exciting but, my annual highlight was always the House Snowsports weekend – it is one of the few events where the whole School community comes together and supports each another from Prep through to Year 12.  

As a Barbreck girl, I loved being taken out on training runs by the Senior students and likewise as a Senior student, I looked forward to taking the Junior girls on their course inspections. A special shoutout must go to Mr Crebbin and Miss Liv Cody who control the mayhem of 30+ kids on 5cm wide skis with no edges or brakes in the Cross-Country Skiing events – the real way to ski! 

Similarly, the organised chaos of House Arts week is a fabulous way for Senior School students to come together and end the year on a high (a sugar high of way too many lollies!). 

What co-curricular activities were you involved in?  

  • Sports

Weekly – Water Polo, Tennis, Netball, Hockey, Basketball, Badminton and Soccer 

Carnival – Cross-Country Running, Swimming and Track & Field 

Event – Triathlon 

Other – Rowing and Snowsports 

  • Service – Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Community Service, fundraising and mentoring for Type 1 Diabetes
  • Music – Violin (six years) and various orchestras and ensembles
  • Clubs – Human Rights Club and Outdoor Educational Club
  • Drama – Production (Stage Manager and Usher) and performance
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award – Gold, Silver, and Bronze

What were your favourite subjects?  

Accounting and Legal Studies 

What do you plan to study post School?  

I plan to study Humanities at Stanford University declaring a major ideally in Business/Finance at the end of my sophomore year (second year). 

What led you to selecting this career pathway? 

I have thoroughly enjoyed the commerce subjects throughout my education and feel they are a good grounding for financial independence. 

How has St Catherine’s assisted you in making your study and career choices? 

St Catherine’s gave me the confidence and skills to research tertiary institutions within Australia and overseas, resulting in successfully navigating my way through the US University recruitment process. Additionally, accelerating two Units 3&4 subjects in Year 11 helped me grow as a student and prepared me for what is expected in Year 12. 

Where do you hope to study? 

I have been accepted as a Student-Athlete into the Class of 2027 at Stanford University in the United States of America, commencing in August 2023. 

What do you see yourself doing in five years’ time?  

I hope to have graduated from Stanford University, be rowing at an elite level, and considering employment or post-graduate study opportunities. 

How do you believe St Catherine’s and your teachers have helped you reach your goals?  

My Year 12 teachers have been super supportive throughout the year. Responding to emails late at night (when we all should have been asleep!), marking additional work and assisting me in planning around my Rowing training and travel – they’ve been sensational! I could not have managed my studies, in conjunction with Rowing commitments without their constructive support, positivity and guidance. 

Our Head of Year, Ms Spanos, has been incredible! Having her for three years in a row has allowed her to get to know everyone in our Cohort so well that she can read our body language and know where we’re at and what we need. There have been times when I’ve popped in for a quick chat, and we would both come out laughing and crying at the same time, but always better for it! 

The Year 12 House Tutors have also been exceptional. Ms Curnow was always there as a sounding board, giving me a helping hand when it came to organisation, managing my time and assisting in Davis event logistics. 

All of the co-curricular staff have been instrumental in encouraging us to do more than just academics, whether it be Sport, Music, Art, Drama, Debating or a club. The fantastic Sports Department in both Junior and Senior School have inspired my love for sport – special thanks to Mr Crebbin for introducing me to XC Skiing. 

In 2022, the Year 12 theme was Emerge. What does this mean to you?  

Now at the end of Year 12, I feel I have emerged out of schooling and the COVID years well equipped with the skills for the next stage and the ever-changing demands of the world we live in. 

What advice would you provide to future Year 12 students?  

Get involved in everything! Yes, Year 12 is about working consistently on academics, BUT, it is also about experiences and making memories. This is your last chance to get involved with the other things on offer such as School Sport, Music, Drama, Art, Debating and all the clubs!  

In 50 years’, time, you’re unlikely to remember your ATAR, but you will remember the friends, special teachers, teammates, and experiences along the way. Support each other – watch the sports, attend productions, participate in the fundraising, and join at least one club!  

Good luck, take care and be strong! 

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