Class of 2021 – Emily Ryan

Congratulations to Year 12 student, Emily Ryan who achieved an ATAR of 99.85, placing her, along with fellow Year 12 student Jessica Yang, as St Catherine’s School’s 2021 Duces.

“It was so unexpected to be named as equal Dux of St Catherine’s School. Our entire Year 12 Cohort is so hardworking, so this achievement means so much. I set my sights on achieving an ATAR of 90+ and then committed to trying my best. I really believe that if you try your hardest, and have good friends and family around you, you really can achieve anything,” said Emily.

Emily attained Perfect Study Scores of 50 in Business Management, Global Politics and English. Her outstanding results were acknowledged through her Dark Blue Award for Academic Excellence, as well as the Sue Bell Humanities Award for Exemplary Performance in a Humanities subject. Cordial and respectful in her dealings with others, Emily is a student who supports her peers and has established strong and enduring friendships within the Year group and more widely throughout the School community. 

To learn more about Emily and her plans for the future read her profile below.

What do you hope to study next year?

I am hoping to study Arts at Melbourne University and potentially Law after that.

How did two years of learning in a global pandemic change your perspective?

Learning through COVID has taught me to be more resilient and more self-sufficient. It made me appreciate that if I wanted to achieve something I had to work hard and get things done for myself, it was ultimately all up to me.

I also make the most of opportunities and live in the moment more, as I appreciate how quickly things can change.

What do you hope to be doing in five years’ time?

I would like to be working in international relations and doing some good for the world through charity work, particularly given so many people have had it tough over the past two years. I would also hope to still be connected with my Year 12 Cohort and be enjoying some travel.

What have been some highlights of your time at St Catherine’s?

There have been so many amazing opportunities at St Catherine’s. My travel exchange in Year 10 to America was incredible and really taught me a lot about resilience and taking care of myself. Our Year 9 Heyington to Highlands trip not only allowed me to create strong bonds with the girls in my Cohort, but it also provided great insights into life in Fiji and the joy of helping young children.

For me, the Co-curricular program has always been a big highlight. The chance to participate, compete and perform with girls across the Year levels in Sports and events like House Arts, is great.

Despite COVID, what will you take away from your final year at St Catherine’s?

You can’t flourish unless you have good support, and that hard work and surrounding yourself with good friends and family can get you anywhere.

How have St Catherine’s School and your teachers helped you?

My VCE teachers have all been amazing. There have been times this year when things were difficult and it was challenging to stay motivated. My teachers were always understanding, approachable and willing to help in whatever way they could. They were always flexible with their time and so passionate about what they were teaching, this really inspired me to be passionate about my learning too.

What advice would you provide future Year 12 students?

Get involved. Believe in yourself. Don’t be too self-critical and don’t compare yourself to others, we are all on unique journeys.

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